North Yorkshire 18th Century Gamekeepers

All persons qualified to kill or sell game registered with the Clerk of Peace who issued a certificate for which a fee was paid. Normally, it was the Lord of the Manor or trustees who applied for the licence by nominating and appointing a gamekeeper. These manors or areas may not be the same as their usual residence. Over these years, entries cover new appointments or the renewing of licences. [ Extracted from records held at North Yorkshire County Record Office, Northallerton].


ABRAHAM           Thomas                yeoman                         Easington & Boulby

ABRAM                Thomas                menial servant              Easington                     

ALDERSON           Christopher          yeoman                         Healaugh

ATKINSON            John                     Reverend                      Barton

ATKINSON            George                                                       Cropton

AYSCOUGH          Christopher                                                East Witton

BAINBRIDGE        William                                                      Langbaurgh Liberty

BARR                   Francis                 yeoman                         Osmotherley                

BELL                     William                menial servant              Rosedale

BEST                    Thomas                yeoman                         Kirklevington

BLACKBURN        George                 yeoman                         Barton

BODDY                John                     menial servant              Hutton le Hole

BOOTH                John                     yeoman                         Pickering, Thornton

BOOTH                William                yeoman                         Hinderwell, Roxby

BROTHERTON     William                yeoman                         Romaldkirk, Hornby

BROWN               Levi                      yeoman                         Forcett

BROWN               Charles                menial servant              Bransby & Hearsby

CAMMERON       Thomas                menial servant              Ormesby

CHAPMAN           George                 innkeeper                      Stokesley

CLOUGH              Thomas                coal/slate merchant     Carlton in Coverdale

COATES               Thomas                innkeeper                      Great Smeaton

COTTON              Mark                                                          Appleton Wiske

COVERDALE        John                                                           Stokesley

CROFT                 William                                                      Marske

CROUDACE          George                 yeoman                         Co Durham, Streatlam

DALE                    Charles                menial servant              Buttercrambe

DAWE/DOVE       William                                                      Cleveland, Easby

DAWSON             Richard                                                      Sinnington cum Marton

DINNIS                 William                servant                          Kildale & Westerdale

DOBSON              John                     yeoman                         Co Durham, Stockton

DOBSON              Robert Halliday                                         Dromanby

ERRINGTON         Thomas                esquire                          Chirts?

FOXTON               Robert                                                       Wath & Sinderby

FOXTON               William                yeoman                         Scackleton

FRANK                  Thomas jnr          yeoman                         Skelton & Kilton

FRYER                  John                     yeoman                         Scorton

GARBUT               William jnr           gent                               Cleveland, Ormesby

GILL                     John                     menial servant              East Rosedale

GLAVE                  Thomas                yeoman                         Theakston

GORDON             James                   gent                               Middleton Tyas

HALL                    Christopher          yeoman                         Kirby Knowle

HALL                    John                     yeoman                         Guisborough

HAMMOND         Henry                                                         Bedale, Crakehall

HARRISON           Thomas                surgeon                         Kirbymoorside

HUDSON              Joseph                  menial servant              Helmsley

HUMPHREY         George                 yeoman                         Thornton Watlass

HUMPHREY         James                                                        Wensley

HUNTON              William jnr                                                Carlton

JACKSON              John                                                           Sinnington cum Marton

JACKSON              George                                                      Great Ayton

JENNETT              John                     farmer                          Ormesby

JOBSON               Christopher                                               Lythe

KINGSTON           Thomas                                                      Appleton Wiske

KITCHING             James                   gent                               Romaldkirk

LANGHORN         John                     yeoman                         Reeth

LAW                     William                                                      Egton, Newbiggin

LAX                      John                     yeoman                         Barton

LIEF                      William                                                      Langbaurgh Liberty

LITTLEFAIR           William                yeoman                         Marrick, Hurst

LOCKEY                John                     yeoman                         Middleton Tyas

MASON                Peter                    yeoman                         Swainby & Whorlton

MILBOURN          Matthew              yeoman                         Stokesley

MONTY                Thomas                menial servant              Bedale, Hornby

MORTGETROY    John                     servant man                  Ebberston

MOSS                   Robert                                                       Scargill

OASTLER              Thomas                                                      Newsham

OATES                  Richard                                                      several manors

OUTHWAITE        George                 yeoman                         Hunton

PALMER               John                                                           Barton

PARKER                William jnr                                                Kirby Hill

PARKINSON         Christopher          husbandman                 Moulton

PEACOCK             Thomas                                                      Harkerside, Grinton

PEACOCK             Robert                  gent                               Danby Wiske, Catgill

PETCHY                William                menial servant              Bedale

PICKERING           William                yeoman                         Thornton Watlass

PURCHAS             William jnr                                                Thoralby

RENNISON           Michael                                                     Lartington

RIDELL                 John?                    menial servant              Ingleby Greenhow

ROUD                  Robert                  yeoman                         Carlton Miniott

SANDERSON        Reuben                                                      Low Worsall

SECRE                  John                     gent                               Dishforth

SHEPHERD           Joseph                                                        Douthwaite

SMEATON            Thomas                                                      Sneaton

SMITH                  John                     yeoman                         Hornby

SNOWDEN           William                                                      Eston

THIRKILL              William                                                      Wass

THISTLE               Matthew              yeoman                         Whitby, Aislaby

THOMPSON         Daniel                                                        Whitby, Sneaton

TODD                   Joseph                  husbandman                 Halnaby

TOPHAM             John                     yeoman                         Hunton

TOPHAM             Lupton                  gent                               Middleham

TUTIN                  William                                                      Aiskew

TUTIN                  William                servant                          Forcett

TUTIN                  Thomas                gent                               Kirby Fleetham, Fencote

WESTWICK          William                                                      Upleatham

WHARTON           Robert                                                       Co Durham, Old Park

WILSON               Richard                gent                               Upleatham

WILSON               Michael               yeoman                         Langton Hall

WOOD                 William                yeoman                         Nawton

WOODWARD      William                yeoman                         Lythe

YOUNG                John                     gent                               Whitby