Having problems logging in ?

Logging into the site is quick and easy, just follow these simple instructions.

1. Get the latest copy of the Journal – It contains the current society userid and password written in it, without this you cannot login.

2. Click on the members login box as below, this will take you to the login screen.


3. You should now see this screen


4. Type in the userid from the journal into the first field, and the password from the journal into the second. Be careful as its important that the Capital and small letters are correct.

Do not type in your email address, if you do you will be locked out for 30 mins (This is to stop hackers guessing at usernames and passwords)

5. Then click Log in – you will be logged in, and taken back to the main website where you should need a new “Members” menu option.

If you still have problems then please let us know via the contact page, with the date and time you tried and your IP address. You can get the IP address by going to http://www.get-myip.com/