Kildale People 1806-2000



1806 – 2000


A selected list of Kildale people was made for St Cuthbert’s Church to commemorate the Millennium. It is not an exhaustive collection but amongst the 200 names are those who were farm tenants at the time the Kildale Estate was owned by the Turton/ Sutcliffe family from 1806 to the 21st century. More recent names show a wider involvement than merely farm tenancies.


Recorded by member Beryl Turner and thanks to Val Anthony of Kildale for supplying the details.

[Recommended that all online census and the CFHS Trade Directories’ listings are also viewed under place name Kildale]


1870           Ackroyd        James                Woodend Farm

1870           Ackroyd        Matthew           West House Farm

1940-2000  Addison         Clara                 Church House Farm

1940-2000  Addison         Thomas             Church House Farm / Kildale Show

1860           Agar              George              Baysdale & West House Farms

1940-2000  Alcock           Frederick           Copper Hall Farm

1930           Appleton       Frederick           gardener / Kildale Cricket Club scorer

1940-2000  Appleton       Gwladys             Kildale Show secretary

1880           Armstrong    Edward              Warren Farm

1930           Atkinson        John                   West House Farm

1930           Austin           Jack                   East Green Beck Farm

1920           Baines           William             East Green Beck Farm

1840           Barr              Edward              Percy Rigg Farm

1820           Barr              John                   West House Farm

1870           Baxter           James                Bleach Mill & Church House Farms

1880           Baxter           John                   Hall & Woodend Farms

1920           Bell               James                Lonsdale Farm

1920           Blair              Frederick           Church House & Hall Farms

1900           Booth            Joseph               Bleach Mill Farm

1806           Boville          Thomas             Bleach Mill Farm / fuller

1940-2000  Boyce            Freda                 railway crossing keeper

1940-2000  Boyce            John                   railway telegraph man

1806           Brown           Andrew              Lonsdale Farm

1806           Burdon          Matthew           Low & Park Farms

1820           Burnley         Abraham           Glebe Farm

1920           Burns            Betsy                 chapel supporter

1860           Burrell          Robt & Augusta Kildale Hall tenants

1940-2000  Carter           Gertrude           laundress/ seamstress

1940-2000  Carter           Roland               groom/ chauffeur

1940-2000  Chapman      Richard              Low Farm

1940-2000  Chapman      Robert               Dundale Beck Farm / Kildale Show

1840           Chapman      Thomas             Dundale Beck Farm

1900           Chapman      Walter               Dundale Beck & Low Farms

1890           Clarke           John                   Low Farm

1940-2000  Close             Isabella              caretaker Kildale Village Hall

1940-2000  Close             Jack                   shepherd/ drystone waller

1940-2000  Close             Roland               archaeologist/ estate worker

1820           Clough          William             Percy Rigg & Warren Farms

1910           Cook             Arthur                Baysdale & West House Farms

1900           Corney          G E                     Woodend Farm

1840           Corney          George              East Green Beck Farm

1930           Coulson         G W                   Copper Hall Farm

1850           Coward         John                   Blacksmith Arms publican

1850           Coward         Robert               Bleach Mill Farm

1940-2000  Dale              Arthur                land drainer

1850           Dale              George              Town Farm / blacksmith

1880           Dale              Henry                blacksmith

1920           Dale              William             Low Farm

1920           Dearing        Alfred                gardener

1930           Dee               Thomas             Haggaback Farm

1940-2000  Dent              Emma                church organist

1930           Dent              George              Hall Farm / Kildale Agricultural Show organiser

1870           Dickenson     John                   Woodend & Percy Rigg Farms

1850           Dobson         William             Bleach Mill Farm

1900           Dowey          Sanderson         Park Farm

1940-2000  Downham     Miss                   schoolmistress

1890           Dowson         John                   Church House & Bleach Mill Farms

1940-2000  Dowson         William             stationmaster/ Village Hall & Show Committee

1940-2000  Dunn             Thomas             blacksmith

1820           Eeles             Nathaniel          Dundale Beck Farm

1850           Farndale       Matthew           Church House & Hall Farms

1820           Featherstone                          Thomas     Lonsdale Farm

1930           Fishpool        John                   blacksmith

1900           Forrester      Robert               Percy Rigg Farm

1860           Forster          Robert               Glebe & Lonsdale Farms

1880           Foster           Wilson               publican

1850           Frank            John                   schoolmaster

1930           Franks           George              Copper Hall & Bleach Mill Farms

1920           Galley           Mrs                    Kildale Hall nanny

1920           Galley           William             estate bailiff

1870           Garnett         D                        gamekeeper

1900           Gibson          William             publican

1920           Granger        Thomas             slaughterman

1830           Harrison       James                Church House Farm

1830           Harrison       Nathaniel          Church House Farm / blacksmith

1880           Harrison       Thomas             East Green Beck Farm

1870           Harrison       William             Church House Farm

1820           Hawkins        John                   Bleach Mill Farm

1840           Hewison        George              gamekeeper

1860           Hewison        George              Percy Rigg & Bankside

1870           Hewison        John                   Bankside Farm

1840           Hewison        Robert               Bleach Mill & Bankside Farms

1860           Hodgson       William             Lonsdale Farm

1940-2000  Hoggart        Newark              lengthman / gravedigger

1900           Hoggart        Stephen             Bleach Mill & Warren Farms

1940-2000  Hood             Hannah              organist / caretaker Methodist chapel

1920           Hood             Ralph                 Bankside Farm

1940-2000  Hood             Robinson           smallholder/ caretaker Methodist chapel

1930           Hood             William             Bankside Farm

1940-2000  Horton          George              gardener / Kildale Cricket Club greenkeeper

1840           Hugill            John                   Low & Park Farms

1820           Hugill            Joshua               Park Farm

1880           Hugill            Margaret          Low Farm

1870           Hugill            Thomas             Low Farm

1806           Hutton          George              Town Farm / blacksmith

1870           Jobling          Thomas             Park Farm

1940-2000  Johnson         Jack                   signalman / porter

1940-2000  Jones             Frederick           estate agent

1920           Jones             William             Woodend Farm

1920           Kell               Charles              Low Farm

1930           Kendrew       Charles              Church House Farm

1870           Kinnear         James                publican

1940-2000  Knox              Herbert             Woodend Farm

1840           Landreth       Oliver                Low Farm / Dundale Beck

1920           Laver            William             schoolmaster

1930           Leng              Frederick           postmaster

1940-2000  Macdonald   Arnold               Captain Cricket Club & Kildale Football Club

1940-2000  Macdonald   Frederick           Captain Kildale Cricket Club

1940-2000  Macdonald   Molly                 Kildale Show judge

1940-2000  Macdonald   Norah                shopkeeper

1940-2000  Macdonald   Robert               postmaster/ agent/ local councillor

1820           Martin          John                   Woodend Farm

1860           Martin          Robert               Woodend Farm

1806           Medd            Elizabeth           Percy Rigg Farm

1940-2000  Milburn        Arthur                forester

1920           Milburn        John                   postman

1806           Miles            John                   Hall Farm

1806           Miles            William             Warren Farm

1860           Moody          Edward              schoolmaster

1806           Mowbray      William             Woodend Farm

1910           Nunn             Robert               Bankside Farm

1940-2000  Peacock        Charles              lengthman on roads

1870           Peacock        Isaac                  publican

1940-2000  Peart             Lewis                 plumber & builder

1940-2000  Peirson         Dorothy             Kildale Village Hall treasurer

1860           Peirson         Joseph               gamekeeper

1940-2000  Peirson         William             Bankside Farm

1870           Penson          John                   Hall Farm

1860           Petlar            John                   East Green Beck & Church House Farms

1930           Quick            Harry                 Percy Rigg Farm

1910           Richardson   Annie                 Kildale Hall nurserymaid / cook

1940-2000  Richardson   Wilfred              Country Endeavour Programme manager

1840           Ridsdale        Matthew           West House Farm

1806           Rigg              John                   West House Farm

1820           Robinson       John                   Warren Farm

1840           Robinson       Richard              gardener

1930           Ross              William             Low Farm

1940-2000  Rush              Mabel                cook

1890           Sanderson     James                gamekeeper

1910           Sanderson     Job                     Copper Hall Farm

1940-2000  Sant              Frank                 gardener

1940-2000  Scarth           George              stationmaster

1806           Scott             James                East Green Beck Farm

1910           Shaw             Edward              East Green Beck Farm

1920           Shaw             Strickland          Bleach Mill & Lonsdale Farms

1900           Shaw             Ted                    East Green Beck Farm

1940-2000  Simpson        Matthew           Warren Farm

1930           Simpson        Thomas             Warren Farm

1840           Skeene          Hannah              Bankside Farm

1806           Skeene          Thomas             Bankside Farm

1940-2000  Smith            Alan                   Kildale Estate foreman / contractor

1920           Smith            Henry                Glebe Farm

1820           Smith            Jacob                 Low Farm

1806           Sprentall       Samuel              East Green Beck Farm

1806           Storey           Mark                 Church House Farm

1880           Storey           Simon                West House Farm

1860           Swales          Christopher       gamekeeper

1900           Tait               George              Lonsdale Farm

1890           Tate              Henry                East Green Beck & Woodend Farms

1940-2000  Tate              William             forester/NUAW rep/ Sec Village Hall & Show Committee

1940-2000  Thompson     William             Haggaback Farm

1850           Tindall          Joseph               gardener

1930           Tipling          Harry                 Woodend Farm

1940-2000  Tones            Isabella              schoolmistress

1930           Tones            Mrs                    schoolmistress

1920           Trotter          Robert               Church House Farm

1910           Turnbull        John                   Church House Farm

1840           Tyreman       John                   East Green Beck Farm

1870           Voight           Simon van         schoolmaster

1920           Walker          Thomas             Kildale Village Hall builder/blacksmith

1820           Wallis           Peter                 Bleach Mill & Church House Farms

1840           Walt              James                Low Farm

1910           Walt              James                quarryman

1920           Ward            Matthew           Warren Farm

1910           Ward            Robert               railwayman / founder of Kildale chapel

1930           Ward            William             Lonsdale Farm

1900           Wardell        William             West House Farm

1900           Watson         Elizabeth           Haggaback Farm

1806           Watson         George              Haggaback & Baysdale

1850           Watson         Hannah              Haggaback Farm

1840           Watson         Robert               Haggaback & Lonsdale Farms

1840           Watson         William             Old House, Baysdale

1870           Watson         Wm & Eliz         Haggaback Farm

1870           Watson         Wm & Sarah      West House Farm

1920           Weatherill    James                gamekeeper

1806           Weatherill    John                   Dundale Beck Farm

1840           Weatherill    Robert               Church House & Hall Farm

1910           Webster        Henry                Low Farm

1850           Webster        John                   Warren Farm

1840           Webster        William             Warren Farm

1910           Welsh           Alexander          shepherd/ gamekeeper

1940-2000  Welsh           Kenneth             NFU Secretary / Kildale Football Club goalkeeper

1940-2000  Welsh           Ronald               gamekeeper / forester

1860           West             Edward              estate bailiff

1850           Williamson   William             gamekeeper

1860           Winspear      John                   publican

1870           Wood            John                   Copper Hall Farm

1910           Wood            Rosa                  Kildale Hall lady’s maid

1820           Yarrow          Christopher       Old House, Baysdale

1840           Yarrow          Stabler               Old House, Baysdale