Lingdale People 1871-81

Lingdale People in Newspapers 1871-1881


The village of Lingdale was established in the 1870s as accommodation was needed for the expanding workforce at the Ironstone Mine been sunk nearby.


People travelled from far and wide seeking work in a time often recalled as the Cleveland Klondike. Some were transient workers passing through but many others settled with their families and a community was soon established. Many of the family surnames from that era are still prevalent in the area today.


The following articles have been extracted from local and national newspapers for the period 1870 to 1881. They give an insight into the daily trials and tribulations of those people living in the shadow of the mine before the Lingdale’s first census in 1881.


John Knaggs CFHS Member (0240)


PROPERTY 27/10/1871 Gazette Advertisements


TO BUILDERS. Tenders are invited for the ERECTION of a house and shop, at Lingdale Howl-Road, [Stanghow] near Skelton. Plans and Specifications may be seen at my Office from Monday, 23rd to Tuesday, 31st inst., up to which latter day Tenders may be delivered to me not later than 6pm “endorsed tender for house and shop” N.B. The proprietor does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender. BEN BROADBENT, Surveyor Skelton,


PROPERTY 13/6/1872 Gazette Skelton Local Board


A plan of a house belonging to Mr J Lyon [Toyn] in Lingdale Road was approved.


PROPERTY 10/10/1872 Gazette Skelton Local Board


Plan of house at Lingdale Road for Mr Marley, was passed on condition a block plan be furnished before the next board meeting. Plan for a house at the same place for Mr Featherstone was approved.


12/12/1872 The Gazette Skelton Local Board


Notice given to Mr Jackson to repair fences adjoining the quarry at Lingdale Lane immediately or a summons will be served forthwith.


10/4/1873 Skelton Local Board


The Police authorities were instructed to keep watch on the Lingdale Road Quarry. The outlet at the said quarry was a nuisance to Mr Petch who was also asked to consider the matter.


CHAPEL & SCHOOL 12/6/1873 Tenders Invited


Erection of a new WESLEYAN Chapel and School in Lingdale Lane. TENDERS will be received for the different classes of labour, or for the whole. The lowest Tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tenders to be received up to June 24th,1873. Plans and specifications can be viewed at. JOHN COATSWORTH’S, Grocer, Lingdale Lane, near Boosbeck.


19/7/1873 To Sold by Auction


Lingdale Lane, Stanghow, near Skelton. by Mr Temple, on Monday, July 21, 1873, at 4pm, the following very excellent Crops of GRASS, belonging to Wm. Johnson, viz., 8


Acres of Clover, and 3 Acres of Old Land Grass. Also, a Stack of capital Old Land HAY, grown in 1872. The whole to go off the Premises.


HOTEL 28/7/1873 Tenders


ERECTION of an HOTEL and COTTAGE, at Lingdale, near Skelton. Plans and Specifications may be seen in my Office on and after Tuesday, the 29th July. Sealed Tenders, endorsed ” Tenders for Hotel,” to be sent to Mr. Jno. Dixon, Skelton, on or before Friday, the 8th day of August next. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. BENJ. BROADBENT, Surveyor, High-street. Skelton, 25th July, 1873.




Three JOINERS; Good Wages. Apply to GEO. PATTISON, Contractor Lingdale terrace, Boosbeck, Guisborough.


CRIME 23/8/1873 Guisborough Police Court.


Thomas Green, Miner of Lingdale Lane did not appear to a charge of wilfully damaging beans on farm of R.P. Petch.


PROPERTY 9/10/1873 Skelton Local Board


Altered block plan of property at Lingdale lane belonging to Mr J Clark, Saltburn was passed as was plans to alter certain houses and a shop to be erected on the same site.


PROPERTY 10/9/1873 Skelton Local Board


Plans approved for house at Lingdale Road for Mr Charles Longstaff 18/9/1873 Skelton Cemetery Another Public Meeting

Public meeting held at the Infants schoolroom, Skelton called by Mr D.T. Petch and Mr

  1. Dixon In respect of a possible increase in rates due to the siting of a cemetery at the east end of village. Mr J Dixon said he had property at Lingdale Lane but did not consider his own interest, but only what was best for the town.


CRIME 13/12/1873 Guisborough Petty Sessions


Ralph Saggit, Cartman of Loftus did not appear to a charge of being drunk and disorderly at Lingdale Lane on the 22nd inst. P.C. Boaness said he had passed the defendants cart standing upon the road in the afternoon and on the evening when returning found it in the same place. Defendant was drunk and driving back and forwards across the road, unable to get nearer to his destination. The horse was taken away to a stable by P.C. Boaness.


CRIME 15/1/1874 Guisborough Petty Sessions


William Reap, and Edward Tyson, Lingdale lane, miners, were charged by Manasseh Brown, of same place, miner, with assaulting him on the 27t ult They were also charged with assaulting Ephraim Brown, of Lingdale lane, on the same occasion.


CRIME 17/1/1874 Gazette Guisborough Petty Sessions


Drink. P.C. Boanes charged Thomas Boyd Cochrane with being drunk and riotous at Lingdale lane. He gave a graphic description of the conduct of defendant as been in an unfit state through drink. At one point he fell over a stone wall nearby. Cross- examined the complainant denied having a bottle of whisky on his person and said he


would never do harm to anyone. Fined 30s or in default 21 days in prison as his second offence.


CRIME 11/2/1874 Extraordinary Case of Highway Robbery with Violence.


A Publican and a Butcher committed for Trial. Guisborough Police Court. George Bell (Butcher) for the past six months at Boosbeck and William Barker (Innkeeper of the Station Hotel) were brought in custody and charged with stealing a leather purse and

£3 6s in monies from Edward West at Boosbeck on the 6th February. They were further charged with using violence to the prosecutor at the time. West said he was in debt for 6s to Bell and Barker possibly to £4 12s 6d which was a joint debt with six fellow navvies. This was to be settled at the end of their contract which was impending. He reiterated he was not intending to go away without settling the debt, saying he had offered to settle with Bell and pay a sovereign on account to Barker. Witness, Samuel Kirk living in Pease’s big row, at the top end of Lingdale Lane said he was walking along the road from Magra just after six pm when he witnessed the navy West down on the road with the defendants on top of him, as so soon as they saw him approach they gave up. West and Barker then squared up and shared blows but shortly came apart. P.C. Bonas then appeared having been sent for by Barkers wife, informing him that several navvies had her husband up against the wall near Thompson’s Farm and had nearly killed him. West and Barker were swearing at each other and West refused to leave striking P.C. Bones several times before he was apprehended. He was then taken to Skelton Police Station were he was detained overnight. George Bell on appeal from P.C. Bonas the next day gave up 26s in monies he had recovered from West’s person but had failed to disclose at the time, claiming it was money he was entitled to. Edward West’s charge of drunkenness was thrown out by the bench who said he was more excited than drunk at the time of the incident. Bell and Barker were committed for trial at York assizes. Where reference’s as to their upstanding character were offered up by members of the community. Each was then discharged of inflicting any violence after a 30 minutes deliberation.


RELIGION 19/2/1874 Lingdale Lane Chapel Fund


Mr J. T. Wharton, of Skelton Castle as donated a cheque, value 25s. to Thomas Taylor in respect of the fund.


CRIME 18/3/1874 Guisborough Police Court


Unlicensed Drink. Sergeant Haw summoned Henry Lowe of Moorcock Row Lingdale Lane for selling beer without a licence on 11th March. Sergeant Haw said in consequence of complaints having been made on 11th March he and P.C. Lamb secreted themselves in the coal place of defendants house at eight o/clock in the evening. They had not been there a quarter of an hour when a man came in the back door went into the kitchen and asked for a pint of beer, which was drawn by Mrs Lowe and supplied and they saw the man hand her a shilling for which she handed back nine pence in change. P.C. Lamb said he had been on a previous occasion requested by the management of South Cleveland Mines to go and caution this defendant that this business would not be permitted in the companies houses. In answer to his charge defendant said he had been at work and had strictly forbidden the sale of beer by his wife. A witness said he understood the man paid for some nuts and was presented with some beer and the wife of the defendant declared that the policemen had been introduced into the back yard by the animosity of the next door neighbour. She gave him the beer but sold him three pence of nuts. The bench had not the slightest doubt the police evidence was true. This business must be put a stop as too many people paid large amounts to conduct their business and it must be protected. Defendants to pay a penalty of £20 or undergo six months imprisonment.


RELIGION 4/4/1874 Lingdale Chapel


Yesterday, the Wesleyan Methodists of this rapidly-increasing place opened their new chapel under very favourable circumstances. In the morning and afternoon, sermons were preached by the Rev. J. 0. Back, of Middlesbrough. In the evening an enthusiastic public meeting was held, presided over by Mr J. Dixon, of Skelton, who kindly gave the land for the chapel; addresses were delivered by several ministers and friends.


PROPERTY 9/4/1874 Skelton Local Board


Plans passed for 8 houses belonging to Mr William McLean, 6 to Mr Phillip Hastings and 4 belonging to Mr William Barker all at Lingdale. House and shop at Lingdale by Mr W T Bewick deferred through insufficient drainage and light to a water closet.


CRIME 11/4/1874 Whitby Gazette Remanded


Whitby Police Court. William Ward was apprehended in the town on a charge of stealing two shovels, at Boosbeck, the property of William Tyerman, of Lingdale-lane, on the 3rd inst. He was remanded until the arrival of the constable from Guisborough in which division the robbery was committed.


15/4/1874 Lost Dog


On Good Friday, the 3rd inst at Lingdale lane, a White TERRIER DOG, with black patch on right eye; tail Cut short; answers to the name of Chane. Anyone bringing him to, WM.HARRIS, No.4.Lingdale Lane, near Guisborough shall be rewarded; anyone detaining him after this notice will be prosecuted.


16/4/1874 WANTED


A competent PERSON to Clean the Wesleyan Chapel, Lingdale; good character; Wesleyan preferred, Apply to Messrs PRATT & COATSWORTH


CRIME 16/4/1874 Guisborough Police Court


John Hawkey and James Ford, of Lingdale Lane, committed for trespassing in pursuit of game on Mr. Wharton’s land at Kilton were fined £1 3s including costs.


SCHOOL 29/4/1874 Skelton school board


members present at the last meeting; Rev Gardiner, Chairman; J T Wharton, J Chisholm, T Taylor and J Atterton.


CRIME 4/5/1874 Scene Between The Bench And The Bar


A case, which gave rise to an interesting passage at arms between the Bench and the Bar, was heard yesterday at Guisborough. A provision dealer at, Lingdale Lane (Mr Isaac Dawe)was charged with having being licensed to retail beer to be consumed off the premises, permitted a quart of ale to be drunk on his premises or on the highway immediately adjoining on the 21st ult. P.C. Harland observed three men near the defendant’s shop, one of whom went in, and immediately afterwards came out with a quart of ale, which was drunk by the men. The officer asked them for their names, and whilst speaking to them, Mrs Dawe, who had supplied the liquor, came out and informed them that they were not to drink it there. P.C. Harland said, – “You are too late, Mrs Dawe, the men have drunk it off, and I must report the case”. He was cross- examined by Mr Skidmore, with the view of showing that Mrs Dawe came out of the house immediately after supplying the men. P.C. Harland was asked again by the bench and in reply stated that he had spoken to the men before Mrs Dawe came out. It would be nearly two minutes before she had appeared to and spoken to the men. A passage of


arms between the Bench and Bar then ensued and after some deliberation the case was dismissed.


PROPERTY 6/5/1874 Skelton Local Board


With respect certain owners having to pay a moiety of the cost incurred by Mr Jno Dixon in laying down a sewer for Lingdale, the latter gentleman was referred to the minutes made a year ago that the board could only interfere when he failed to obtain the said money from the those owners by mutual agreement.


The following plans were passed four houses belonging to Mr G Wilson. Messrs Elmer and Coates who are building at Lingdale. They were reported for digging foundations beyond the line passed by the board and the surveyor was informed to stop this irregularity. Plans for a house and shop at Lingdale belonging to Mr W T Bewick were deferred for insufficient drainage and light to the water closet.


PROPERTY 8/5/1874 Wanted


Plasterers apply S Norman, Lingdale Lane near Guisborough


PROPERTY 9/7/1874 Skelton Local Board


Only two cottages at Lingdale, belonging to Wm. Calvert and a house and shop of Mr Ramsey were passed, out of 30 applicantions.


CRIME 16/7/1874 Assault at Lingdale


Guisborough Police Court. Catherine Morrison charged Lavina Warnaby with assaulting her at Lingdale, on the 7th inst. Complainant said she was a licensed Hawker, and was going along Lingdale lane when the defendant came by and abused her by calling her filthy names. She gave reply to her and then the defendant struck out causing several valuable items to fall from her arms. Some things were broken. The defendant claimed the complainant had struck first and then they had fought it out. The wares were broke in the scuffle. Several witnesses were then examined on both sides. The defendant was also charged with wilful damage on the same occasion. The damage concerned several items of crockery, silver plated goods, valued at 17s 9d which been broken by the fall of the basket. The bench fined the defendant £1 11s costs for the assault and for the damages 17s 9d with a 2s 6d fine and 10s costs.


CRIME 31/8/1874 Guisborough Police Court


A driver named John Smith, living at Boosbeck, was fined and given costs for discharging fireworks on the highway at Lingdale, on the night on the 18th. The defendant was amusing himself in the manner described when Police constable Harland confronted him.


HOTEL 30/9/1874 Guisborough Police Court


In the case of the Lingdale Hotel, at Lingdale, erected by Mr John Dixon, at a cost of £3OOO, an application was made for a full license at the last meeting but the bench was equally divided and no decision was made. Mr Buchanan stated that he had given fresh notices of application and the bench agreed to hear him. On retiring and after a prolonged absence the chairman intimated that they were again equally divided and no license could be granted.


PROPERTY 3/10/1874 Situations Wanted


Good JOINERS.-Apply to J. JUDSON, Upleatham, or on the works, Lingdale Lane, near to Guisborough.


PROPERTY 8/10/1874 Skelton Local Board


Plans for Mr Ramsey houses at Lingdale approved. 7/11/1874 York Herald Situations Wanted

Grocery And Provision. Wanted, A Junior Assistant. Apply J. Marshall, Lingdale, via Guisborough.


PROPERTY 11/11/1874 Skelton Local Board


A letter from Mr J Toyn complaining of the inconvenience of the houses at Lingdale not been numbered. The surveyor was instructed to have the houses at Lingdale and Boosbeck numbered at once.


CRIME 17/11/1874 Gazette Mistaken Identity


Guisborough Police Court. William Barker had been summoned in mistake for Matthew Barker, and charged with being drunk at Lingdale-lane. Case dismissed, bench allowing 5s for expenses.


MINE 15/12/1874 Gazette Cleveland Miners Association


Mr Thomas Green, of Lingdale Lane re-elected as president for ensuing year.


SCHOOL 2/1/1875 Gazette An Important Proposition


The Clerk stated that, he had received a letter from Mr E. B. Hamilton (agent to Mr Wharton), offering a site for Lingdale Lane School, at 4s per square yard, The high prices asked occasioned some discussion and it was ultimately resolved to allow the matter to stand over until the next meeting. The Clerk in the meantime to ascertain from Mr Petch the terms for a site at Lingdale Lane.


MINE 11/1/1875 Gazette Festive Gathering at Guisborough


On Friday evening the men in the employ of Messrs J.W. Pease & Co at Lingdale Mines near Guisborough with their wife and friends were entertained to a substantial tea in the reading room of the village. Through the generosity of J Dale and with the kind assistance of the manager and agent, Messrs C. Heslop and R. Ripon, the Engineer and Master Sinker. The trays were presided over by Mrs Morley, Hugill, Adamson and Longstaff and Misses Steele, Rippon and Adkin; and after justice had been done to the good things provided a meeting Was Held. Mr [C] Ripon taking the chair. Appropriate allusion was made to the enterprise and success of Messrs Pease and Co and the prosperity of Lingdale Lane; and the various addresses were agreeably diversified by recitation and song, the success of this evening been principally due to Mr. Mrs. & Master Adkins and the Misses Marshall, Kirk, Hardy and Rippon.


PROPERTY 14/1/1875 Northern Echo Situations Wanted


2 good JOINERS. Apply to J. JUDSON, Lingdale lane, near Guisborough.


PROPERTY 10/2/1875 Skelton Local Board


It was resolved the sum of £540 should be paid to Mr Jno Dixon for the drainage work he had done at Lingdale, raised by a loan and charged to the district.


CRIME 3/2/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Bebson Bonnar summoned John Tyson, of Lingdale-lane, for being drunk and riotous on the 23rd January. Whilst under influence of drink he was offering to fight the best man in Guisborough. Fined 10s and 8s 6d costs, or 14 days’ hard labour.


CRIME 3/2/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Robert Haw summoned John Wood for being drunk and riotous at Lingdale lane on the 23rd January. The defendant who did not appear left a private house drunk then began fighting in the street. The house belonged to Mrs Clark and her tenant; name of Smith had supplied the drink. Fined 10s and costs or 14 days’ hard labour.


SCHOOL 4/3/1875 Resignation Of The Teacher


Skelton School Board. Mr James McLaren resigned his situation as master of Lingdale school, in consequence of his appointment to the second mastership of the Central Elementary School, Oxford. Mr McLaren had only been several months at the school had secured a good attendance and made satisfactory progress with the pupils there.


PROPERTY 16/3/1875 For Sale


Sixteen HOUSES, In Lingdale lane; Great bargain, if sold in one lot.-Apply, RILEY, House Agent, West-dyke, Redcar & Saltburn


CRIME 17/3/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Alfred Leyburn summoned John Lynn for being drunk and riotous at Lingdale lane. Fined and costs.


23/3/1875 Gazette Advertisement


Dispensing Chemist; A ELLIS, High Street, Skelton end Lingdale.


CRIME 24/3/1875 York Herald Guisborough Police Court


Henry Murrell and Wm. Clarke, miners, Lingdale-lane,were for assaulting William Dewey, at Lingdale fined 10s. each and costs.


RATES 14/4/1875 Ratepayers Meeting


Skelton Ratepayers Association at the Free Gardeners hall, Skelton. Owing to some dissatisfaction felt by certain inhabitants of Lingdale as to the small benefits they receive in return for the rates they pay an association as been formed. Several people from Lingdale attended including Mr Green the secretary and Mr Trevenor the chairman of the Lingdale branch. J Coatsworth, Lingdale hoped he would get some ideas from Skelton but none had come forward. Mr H Bearpark spoke of the board not taking umbrage from such an association but it been a means of taking some of the responsibility and he proposed the formation of an association. Mr J Toyn seconded the motion. Messrs J Smith, J Toyn and J C Wilson were chosen with a select committee at Lingdale to carry out the objectives of the association.


CRIME 14/4/1875 Northern Echo Poultry Theft


Guisborough Police Court. Several cases of poultry theft have lately taken place in Cleveland. One of the last of these depredations occurred a fortnight’s ago at Lingdale. A raid being made on the farm of Mr John Wilkinson where five golden pheasants, three black hens, and a game cock stolen. Sergeant Haw, of Skelton on information received visited the house of a greengrocer named Samuel Kirk and found


six of the of the stolen fowls. Kirk is being charged with the theft and said he purchased all the poultry from a man named Swales at Pickering. Mr Williamson, solicitor, Scarborough, for the defence produced evidence to show that Kirk was in the habit of purchasing poultry from that place. Defendant was committed to the next Quarter Sessions at Northallerton.


CRIME 16/6/1875 Guisborough Police Court


John Smith, of Magra Park, and Edward Gardner of Lingdale failed to answer a charge of been drunk and fighting at Lingdale lane on the 5th June. Fined 10s each and 3s costs.


PROPERTY 22/6/1875 Tenders Invited


For Six Cottages to be built at Lingdale, for J. W. Pease and Co., Plans and Specifications and further particulars from Mr J. Carrington, Marske by the sea, to whom tenders are to be delivered not later than July 28th.


CRIME 23/6/1875 Gazette Guisborough Police Court


? was summoned for assaulting Benjamin Gaul at Lingdale lane. The prosecutor did not appear, case dismissed.


CRIME 23/6/1875 Gazette Guisborough Police Court


William Smith of Lingdale lane, Miner, was charged with doing malicious damage to a fence at Skelton belonging to Mr. J. T. Wharton. Fined 12s. 6d., including costs.


CRIME 1/7/1875 Northallerton Quarter Sessions


Thomas Jennings (21) a Miner, was charged with stealing a leather purse containing £5 from William Cameron at Lingdale lane on the 25th June. Sentenced to four months’ hard labour.


CRIME 6/7/1875 The Sly Drink Traffic at Lingdale Lane


Guisborough Police Court. Edwin Wilkins, miner of Lingdale Lane was charged with selling drink without a licence on the 17th June last. P.C.Teasdale said on the 17th June last between 11 and 12pm I was on duty at Lingdale Lane in company of P.C. Lamb and Brough. In consequence of hearing a disturbance in defendants house we went to the back window and found the blind was left raised up about a foot. I saw the defendants wife come out of the front room with a quart pitcher in her hand. She filled the pitcher from a barrel and I saw a man called John Madge follow her into the kitchen. He handed her sixpence and she handed him a quart of beer which was taken into the front room and set upon the table.  I then unopened the back door which was unfastened and we went into the house. There was an eruption among the men and women and the pitcher fell on the floor with the beer. A number of glasses were on the table, I charged Mrs Wilkins with selling beer without a licence and she said she had been at the miners demonstration and not a drop of beer had been drawn that day, she had the key to the barrel in her pocket. P.C. Brough said “the key is in the barrel now.” He then went and fetched it. There was beer in the glasses on the table. There were ten or a dozen men and woman in the room all drunk together. I cannot mention all the names of those who were there. When I charged her with the offence she turned to a woman named Madge and said “Its all through you, you drunken old b — or this would not have happened.” I found an 18 gallon of beer on tap and there were two 9 gallon barrels empty. P.C. Brough and Lamb corroborated the evidence of the prosecutor in every particular. For the defence Mr Teale said the officers burst the door open and exceeded their duty in doing so. No money was passed by anyone and the man Madge never asked for any beer. A lodger named Flowers did ask for some beer and did have a drink as he was entitled to. There were three or


four lodgers in the house paying so much per week for bread, lodgings and beer as they had a right to. He called Eliza Wilkins the real defendant who roundly swore the policeman were all drunk together and she (Mrs Madge) and John Madge were perfectly sober. Joseph Sherwood said to be a Lodger was demonstrative and in his protests against the police. John Madge said he had gone into the back kitchen but that he did not pay the sixpence. The three officers were then called and positive identified Madge as the man who did pay the money. Joseph Clark gave a similar account of the proceedings but afterwards admitted that he had gone out of his own lodgings to the defendants house in consequence of hearing the disturbance. He afterwards denied this statement and said he saw the constables break open the door. The magistrates came to an immediate decision. Admiral Chaloner said the bench considered the case proved and imposed the full penalty of £50 and in fault of distress six months hard labour.


6/7/1875 Skelton Cooperative Society


Second annual meeting. Mr Robinson of Lingdale gave a short address on the principles and benefits of cooperation.


CRIME 7/7/1875 Guisborough Police Court


John Coatsworth, of Lingdale-lane, grocer, for having in his shop, at Lingdale; an unjust scale and beam, was fined £1 and costs.


28/8/1875 Gazette Beer-house to Let


Free BEERHOUSE. situate in the centre of the Cleveland Ironstone Mines. Thickly populated beer-drinking district. Reason for leaving, taken more extensive premise’s.

  1. BULLIMORE, Lingdale, via Guisborough.


CRIME 8/7/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Edward Wilkins, miner, of Lingdale-lane, was charged with selling drink without a license, on the 17th June.


19/7/1875 Stokesley County Court


  1. W. Gratton v. Obtoic The plaintiff is a wholesale bookseller, London, and the defendant a newsagent, in Lingdale Lane. The claim was for £5 18s. 10d., balance of account, for goods sent by the Great Northern to Marske Station. Judgment was given for the full amount with immediate payment.


CRIME 28/7/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Thomas Wright, of Lingdale, miner, was summoned for being drunk and riotous at Stanghow, on the 17th July. Fined 10s and costs.


4/8/1875 Advertisement


  1. Whitfield, grocer and general dealer, Lingdale Road, near Guisborough.


SPORT 7/8/1875 Cricket


Moorsholm V. Lingdale Lane. This match was played at Moorsholm on Saturday, July 31, and resulted in an easy victory for the home team. Lingdale lane team; R Adamson W Hugill, W Harrison, G Gardener, E Towers, R Powell, R Shepard, C Bewick, W Sanders, J T Brotton and R Johnson.


MINES 9/8/1875 The Cleveland Miners and the Government


A large meeting of miners and their associates met at a field belonging to Mr Stephen Emerson at Holly Farm, Skelton to discuss the action against the government with relation to Mr Plimsolls merchant shipping bill. Mr G. Cook (Lingdale) supported the resolution of a motion opposing the governments suspension of the bill which supported better working conditions for seamen.


CRIME 18/8/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Wm. Clarke, of Lingdale, Miner was fined 10s and costs for trespassing in search of game, on Mr Wharton’s land at Skelton on the 8th inst.


21/8/1875 Northern Echo Notice of Licence Application


For INTOXICATING LIQUOR, to be consumed either on or off the Premises, of which Premises myself Robertson and Thomas Eaton, of Lingdale-lane, in the ‘said Riding, are the owners.


21/8/1875 Advertisement


Farmers and others. John Brunskill as commenced business as auctioneer; and, being a good judge of stock and crops, he hopes to merit from it a share of public patronage. Distance no object Brunskill, corner of Dixon-street, Lingdale-lane.


26/8/1875 Beer House for Sale


In thickly populated Beer-drinking district.’ Reason for leaving, only taken more extensive premises. BULLIMORE, Lingdale, Via Guisborough


1/9/1875 Public Notice


Special Resolution for liquidation by Arrangement of the affairs of THOMAS WHITFIELD, of Lingdale- lane, near Guisborough, Grocer and General Dealer.


2/9/1875 Gazette Sale By Auction


In Liquidation. Re T. Whitfield, Lingdale-lane, near Guisborough. PYBUS and SON, instructed by the Trustee of the Estate, will SELL by AUCTION, on the Premises, on SATURDAY and MONDAY, Sept. 4 and 6. 1875 at One, the whole stock in trade, fixtures, fittings, utensils of trade and household furniture.


6/9/1875 Gazette Sale By Auction


Mr W Temple is favoured with instructions from Mr William Petch to SELL BY AUCTION, on Sept. l1th, 1875, in a field close to Lingdale, 4- Acres of White Bough Potatoes, a capital Crop, excellent quality, end will be sold in convenient lots to suit purchasers.


8/9/1875 Guisborough Brewster Sessions James Dawe, Lingdale-lane was cautioned.

BEER LICENCES 9/9/1875 Notice of Application


Mr Buchanan, on behalf of Mark Pearson, of Lingdale-lane, applied for a full license to a house at Lingdale-lane, belonging to Mr John Dixon.


BEER LICENCES 20/9/1875 Brewster Sessions


At the recent Brewster Sessions for this important division of Cleveland, an application was made for a full license to a house at Lingdale, a new mining village, containing about 2,000 inhabitants, near Guisborough. Several letters were stated to have been received in favour of the application being granted, one of which was from Mr Trevenor, a temperance advocate, and was said to be to the effect that the granting of the license would tend to do away with the extensive illicit traffic which was going on in the neighbourhood, and for that reaso1n the temperance friends of Lingdale would offer no opposition to the application. We have now a letter from Mr Trevenor repudiating the assertion that he wrote on behalf of the temperance friends of Lingdale; it was a private communication, he says, expressive of his own individual opinion, and was never intended to be used in the way it had been.


CRIME 6/10/1875 Gazette Game Trespass


Guisborough Police Court. Robert Johnson and John Foster were summoned for trespassing in pursuit, of game, upon land at Lingdale-lane, belonging to Mr Wharton. John Bennington, game keeper, said he found the defendants and another with three bags containing 29 rabbits and 3 hares. They had a greyhound dog with them. Fined 15s each including costs.


CRIME Gazette 8/10/1875 Guisborough Petty Sessions


William Johnson, of Lingdale-lane was summoned for absenting himself from his work. Mr. Bell, manager of Messrs. Stevenson Jacques and Company’s mines, proved the case. The defendant whilst before the magistrates was very drunk and unruly, and Mr.

Buchanan (Mr. Bell’s solicitor) laid a further information against defendant for being drunk and riotous. Defendant was ordered to pay compensation £5 and costs, and for being drunk and riotous. was fined 2s. 6d.


TRAGEDY 14/10/1875 The Shocking and Fatal Accident near Guisborough.


The inquest on the bodies of the two men, John Martin, (55) and Henry Rawlings (34); who were unfortunately killed by a fall of earth at a railway cutting near Lingdale was held, yesterday evening, at the house of Mr Mark Pearson Lingdale Hotel, Lingdale Lane. The inquiry, was conducted by the coroner, Mr A. Buchanan, and from the evidence adduced, it appears that a branch line is being constructed from the Cleveland mineral railway to the new mines of Messrs J. W. Pease and Co., at Lingdale. At the latter place somewhat deep and extensive cuttings are being made.

The deceased men were engaged on one side of the cutting and were under-mining a quantity of earth, about twelve feet from the surface, when it suddenly came away, almost burying Rawlings, and knocking Martin off the ledge on which he was working on to a Wagon at the bottom of the cutting, some fourteen or fifteen feet below. Both men were killed and as it was shown that the men had not taken the precaution they should have done, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


CRIME 27/10/1875 Drink and its Consequences


Guisborough Police Court. George Thompson, miner, of Lingdale, did not appear to a charge of being drunk and fighting with another young man who was perfectly sober at Boosbeck on the 19th. The constable said that he was not only drunk but mad. Fined 10s and costs.


CRIME 29/10/1875 Uttering Counterfeit Coin


Guisborough Police Court. Thomas Raine, miner, Lingdale-lane, was remanded until Tuesday on a charge of uttering a counterfeit half-crown to the barmaid of the Station Hotel, Boosbeck.


1/11/1875 Lost and Found


Black RETRIEVER BITCH. If not claimed within a week will be sold to offset expenses- JAMES GILL,-Lingdale.


CRIME 3/11/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Samuel Smith, of Lingdale Lane, butcher, for damaging a quantity of young trees at Skelton belonging to Mr Wharton, was fined 13s. including costs


ROAD ACCIDENT 5/11/1875 Carriage Accident near Guisborough


A singular carriage accident as happened at Lingdale lane near Guisborough. While Mr Mcutcheon assistant to Dr Merryweather was visiting a patient at that place he left his conveyance in the road and a laden wagon belonging to Messrs Jacques and company mine owners of Boosbeck on being taken past came into contact with the conveyance which was dragged about a dozen yards along the road. The conveyance was completely smashed.


CRIME 13/11/1875 Guisborough Police Court


William Dean, of Lingdale-lane, labourer, for being drunk at Guisborough whilst in charge of a horse and cart, was fined £1 ls.


CRIME 17/11/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Thomas Raine, of Lingdale lane, miner, surrendered to his bail for uttering a counterfeit half crown coin at John Saul’s public house at Boosbeck in return for drink, Depositions had been made to the mint authority who pressed for the case to be heard. Committed for trial at the next sessions.


CRIME 17/11/1875 Alleged Theft Of A Watch.


Guisborough police court. William Coates accused William Smith with stealing a silver watch from his pocket at Lingdale, on the 11th November Prosecutor said that he was at the public house in Lingdale on the day in question and had occasion to unfasten his jacket. While in that condition and leaning over a table the prisoner took the watch from his waistcoat pocket. He requested him to leave the watch alone but when he felt in his pocket it was gone. P.C. Teasdale said the prosecutor called at his house and alleged a watch had been stolen and then went with him to the public house. He was much the worse for drink and accused several people of stealing his watch. He could not give no connected story. The watch could not be found. Case dismissed.


17/11/1875 Adjudications in Bankruptcy


Thomas Whitfield, Lingdale lane, near Guisbro; Yorkshire, Grocer and General Dealer lst dividend of 25s on and after Nov 30th.


CRIME 27/11/1875 Guisborough Police Court


James Marshall, of Lingdale lane, fireman, was fined 12s for firing a pistol on the highway there on the 8th inst.


27/11/1875 Advertisement


  1. Bulllmore, Lingdale lane, near Guisborough, joiner, grocer, and retailer of beer and wines.


SCHOOL 6/12/1875 School Board Election at Skelton


Mr John Dixon and Mr Charles Rippon took their seats as newly elected members for the township of Stanghow which as been recently united with the Skelton school district.


14/12/1875 Guisborough Police Court


Mark Pearson, of the Lingdale Hotel, applied for an extension of hours on New Years eve. Applicant said that his usual closing time is eleven o’clock etc.


MINES 13/1/1876 Christmas Tree at Lingdale-lane


Last week contents of a large Christmas tree were distributed the 115 children of the workforce of J W Pease at Lingdale. The total value of gifts and apparel was £3 11s 6d beside which Mr Rippon gave each child an orange or sweets. The chief contributors were; D Dale, Mr C Heslop (Manager), Mrs Rippon, T Rivers, T Hodgson, Atkin Hardy, John Dixon and J Dunn.


MINES 15/1/1876 Formation of Mechanics Association for Cleveland.


A meeting, for the purpose of forming association amongst the mechanics employed at the various ironstone mines in Cleveland, has been held the Free Gardeners’ Hall, Skelton, under the presidency of Mr. J. W. Trevenor, of Lingdale. Between forty and fifty persons were present. The Chairman opened the meeting by pointing out the desirability of their having, not only local, but a national association and, unanimously resolved that an Association for Cleveland be formed and contribute to formation of a national union. Mr W Robinson be president, Mr John Harrison; Treasurer and Mr Fredrick Lattman, secretary. Nearly all present enrolled themselves members. A meeting in a fortnight will elect district officers and set up local lodges.


18/1/1876 Brotton Poultry and Pigeon Show British song bird lst prize A. Vivers, Lingdale

CRIME 27/1/1876 Robberies by a Lodger at Lingdale Lane


Guisborough Police Court. John Mitchel, a painter was brought up charged with stealing a blue pilot coat and vest and a gold Albert chain and seal property of James McMullen at Lingdale on 11th January. James McMullen, in evidence said:”I am a painter, on the 11th January I had a blue pilot coat hanging in the pantry of Robert Smiles with whom I lodged. I saw it here about 9 o’clock on the Saturday morning before I went to work. The prisoner lodged at the same house. I returned home about half past four and the coat was not there and the prisoner absent. I gave information to the police. The coat produced is the same and my name as been torn off the collar. John McMullen his brother conferred some of his property was stolen from a box in his bedroom which was missing on his return from work. He had given up his bed to Mitchel because he was ill. John Middleton Gibson, a pawnbrokers assistant at Scarborough said on the 14th inst the prisoner presented at his fathers shop in company of a local man (John Stanton). He produced the gold Albert guard, saying he had come to the town to work and fallen short of money and wished to sell it. Gibson gave him £2 15s for it. The prisoner had given his name as a John Hemingway. On the 18th inst John Stanton came in his shop with the coat and vest pledging it belonged to the person he had accompanied before. Sergeant Haw said on information received from the Scarborough police of Mitchell’s wrong doing he went there. Apprehending him he charged him with stealing the coat which was in his possession and the goods belonging to John McMullen. Mitchell said “I think you’ve got the wrong man” but on the way to the police station admitted pawning the other goods. The pawn ticket was later found on his person by a Scarborough detective. Pleading guilty to all offences at Northallerton Assizes he was sentenced to 3 months hard labour.


CRIME 10,15 & 26/2/1876 Gazette The Lingdale Lane Outrage.


Guisborough Police Court. Henry Lamb was brought up on remand charged with unlawfully wounding Eliza Wilkins with intent to murder her on the 5th Feb. She is a married woman and his landlady at Lingdale Lane. She had gone to to Lingdale Hotel at 10 pm to purchase a bottle of cider and on coming out met with Lamb. He stabbed her six times in various parts of the back. On 15th February Sergeant Haw asked for another remand as the woman was unable to appear having several wounds on her shoulder which were charging much matter and preventing her putting a dress on. Remand was granted until 26th February. Witnesses John Ashmore Cook and William Johnson, both miners said they were near the hotel and saw the prisoner strike Mrs Wilkins but did not see a knife. Cook heard the prisoner say “You ! I will mark you tonight” Catherine Wilkins the prosecutrix daughter said that at 8pm on the evening of the 5th the prisoner was sat at home with a two bladed knife in his hand. He said “I mean to kill somebody tonight before I go to sleep” And on been asked who he said pointing to Mrs Wilkins “That!!! and !! who sits there” and threw a bottle and candle at her.

Doctor Mcutcheon of Skelton said he found six stab wounds about the body of Mrs Wilkins on her shoulder, ribs and left arm. She had lost a quantity of blood and was not yet well, several cuts had not yet healed. P.C. Teasdale said he apprehended the prisoner on the same night but he denied the charge. On searching him the two bladed knife was found in his pocket wet with blood. When formerly charged the prisoner said he was very drunk that night and could not remember stabbing the woman. He was committed for trial at York assizes where he was sentenced to 18 months hard labour.


15/2/1876 Gazette Disputed Rent Account


Guisborough Police Court. Isaac Owen an elderly man summoned his landlord John Clark under the Employers and Workman’s act to recover £1 10s for wages for services rendered at the front of his house and shop at Lingdale Lane. Payment for mending or making a road. He had entered the house and shop at Lingdale Lane at a rent of 8s but no one could get up to it on account of the sludge and mud that accumulated about it. The defendant employed him to make the road at 6d per hour and this occupied 6 hours making a sum 3s fairly and honestly. This had not been paid to him, he let it run under the impression it could be deducted from his rent. Last Thursday however the defendant turned up at the property accompanied by a policeman and was about to seize the furniture for £2 2s 6d in arrears of rent and expenses but the money was immediately paid to him. These proceedings were then taken by Owen. Some documents were produced in court under which the applicant assumed he had occupied the shop for

8 weeks. The balance was in his favour as a sum of 24s had been paid by his wife on New Years day. The magistrates believed that the applicant had made a mistake in his tenancy and dismissed the case.


BANKRUPT 16/2/1876 Public Notice


Robert Bulllmore, of Lingdale Lane, near Guisborough, joiner, grocer, and retailer of beer and wines.


CRIME 2/3/1876 Rape Near Guisborough


Guisborough Police Court. Edward Brighton (17) Miner was charged with committed a rape on a young girl named Margaret Hetherington between Lingdale Lane and Boosbeck on Sunday night last. The prosecutrix is a domestic servant at Boosbeck and was proceeding from Lingdale lane to her masters home, when she met the prisoner who threw her down on the road and committed the crime with which he is charged. The prisoner on being apprehended by the police admitted the charge and asked if he could be allowed to see the prosecutrix to make it up with her. Prisoner was committed for trial at the York assizes.


CRIME 2/3/1876 Guisborough Police Court


P.C. Teasdale charged John Brown with being drunk and riotous in Lingdale lane on the 22nd inst. Fined 5s and 9s 6d costs.


BANKRUPTCY 1/7/1876 liquidations by arrangement


  1. Pratt, Lingdale, near Guisborough. Yorkshire, boot and shoe dealer, draper, and miner.


CRIME 27/7/1876 Guisborough Police Court


Colin Daxin was charged by P.C. Brough with being drunk and riotous at Lingdale, on the 15th inst. Fined 10s and costs.


PROPERTY 23/8/1876 A Contractor Summoned for Non Payment of Wages.


Guisborough Police Court. Thomas Hodgson, contractor, Lingdale was summoned by Seth Rees, labourer for the sum of 1s 1d wages for non payment of wages for a quarter of a day, which he alleged was due to him. It appeared the defendant had been employed by defendant as a labourer and on 14th inst the complainant was employed wheeling bricks when the defendant complained to him that he had not done sufficient work and ordered him to leave the works. On applying for the money due to him (1s 1d) he refused to pay it. The bench ordered the payment of the amount.


6/12/1876 The Rise of Lingdale


Mr John Dixon a merchant of Skelton entertained a large number of freeholders at Lingdale to dinner. Amongst those present were Mr Joseph Toyn, Watson, Joseph Woodward, D. T. Petch and Robert Petch. The purpose of the gathering was to commemorate the growth of the place to an unusually prosperous community situate in the very heart of the Cleveland mineral district some two miles south of the equally flourishing community of Skelton. But whereas the annals of Skelton date back to remote antiquity. Lingdale in all but name is a place of yesterdays growth.


Mr Dixon of Skelton is the principal property owner on which the town stands. In proposing a toast to the town and trade of Lingdale he said there was a lane from Skelton to Lingdale called Lingdale Lane and the town in consequence has been called that. But this ought to be changed and in future called Lingdale. It was more than four years when the place was started. On 8th Jan 1872 he sold to Robert Myers the first piece of ground and Mr Longstaff built the first house. By May 1876 there were

480 houses and now they had 570 with a population of 3,500 souls. Schools were been erected at a cost of £5,000 and Church was to be commenced when there was already a Wesleyan Chapel. Messrs Pease who wherever they put down their feet seemed to bring prosperity and he heard they were about to provide an Institute for the men. Mr Toyn secretary of the miners union responded to a toast to the miners of Cleveland by saying “that he hoped the time was coming when all disputes would be settled without strikes or lockouts.”


16/12/1876 Commemoration Dinner At Lingdale.


A social gathering of an interesting character took around place at the flourishing town of Lingdale on Thursday. Lingdale is an unusually prosperous community, in the very heart of the Cleveland mineral district some two miles south of the equally flourishing community of Skelton. But whereas the annals of of Skelton date back to a remote antiquity, Lingdale all but the name is a place of yesterday’s growth. The principal property owner on which the town stands is Mr John Dixon of Skelton and in order to commentate the birth and growth of that place Mr Dixon with his accustomed generosity asked a number of his friends to meet him at the Lingdale Hotel for dinner and a large number availed themselves of the invitation. Amongst those present was


the Rev. P. Ahier, (impending) vicar of Glaisdale (present curate of Boosbeck); Dr. Davison, Egton Bridge; Mr. Anderson, Edinburgh; Mr. JosWoodward, Carthorpe House, Bedale; Alderman B. Bigger, Gateshead; Mr. J Henry Gibson, Middlesbrough, Geo. Watson

J.P. Middlesbrough, Mr D.T. Petch, Skelton, Mr J. C. Dodds, South Bank & Co & Co.


The Chairman proposed “The health of the Queen” , guests availed similar toasts to other dignitaries then Mr Dixon made the main toast of the evening “The Town and Trade of Lingdale” Where was Lingdale and what sort of place was it? It is a district of the south east part of the parish of Skelton. There was a lane from Skelton to Lingdale called Lingdale Lane. But this name now ought to be changed and the town for the future should be called Lingdale. He trusted the newspapers in future would always designate it and they would all unite in getting rid of the misnomer. He had told them where the town was and what it was called, he would now tell them what it was. It was little more than four years ago the town was started. On the 8th January 1872 he sold to Robt. Myers the first piece of ground and Mr Longstaff built the first house. Such was the rise of the place that in May 1876 they had 480 houses in the place and now they had as many as 570 with a population of 3,500 souls. This he thought was going in the right direction. (applause) Schools were being erected at at cost of £5,000. A church was to be commenced and their was already a Wesleyan Chapel in the place. A market was in contemplation and the Messrs Pease who wherever they put down their feet seemed to bring prosperity were about to provide an institute for their men. On Christmas 1863 he first had some talk with Mr Cockburn about buying some property there. They agreed then that Lingdale was at the centre of the position. Previous to that Mr Pease had bought a property in the neighbourhood for mining purposes. They had since commenced operations and the Messrs Pease now had a great interest in the district. They had every chance of progressing in the next ten years to a population of 10,000. He begged to propose “prosperity to Lingdale,” coupled with the name of Mr Charles Rippon.


Mr Rippon responded and regretted the absence of Mr Heslop, the manager of the works. He would assure them that Messrs Pease never undertook anything that they did not succeed and he had no doubt Lingdale and Lingdale mines would continue to prosper. Mr Davidson proposed the landowners of the district and reminded them that were it not for the mines they would be minus in wealth.


Mr D.T. Petch replied in very happy terms and took occasion to say with Goldsmith he thought a landowner he was only a small one and belonged to the yeomanry of which the poet had sang. He proposed the health of the mine owners and their agents, to which Mr D. W. Dixon responded.


Mr Geo. Watson of Middlesbrough gave the freeholders of Lingdale to which Mr Trevelyan responded.


Mr J. C. Dodds of South Banks gave the builders coupled with the name of Mr Elmer. Mr Makins proposed the Tees Scoriae Company and said he was much pleased with the paving blocks and thought they must come into general use. Mr J Woodward the patentee replied in an able speech and said the success of the Tees Scoriae Company was now established.


Dr Parkinson proposed the Skelton Local School Boards a toast. Mr R. P. Petch responded to and said it was no easy matter to be a member of that board and hoped by the experience he was daily gaining to become a useful member of the board.


Mr W. H. Burnett proposed the miners of Cleveland and Mr Toyne secretary of the miners union responded saying he hoped the time was coming when all disputes would be settled without strikes or lock outs.


Dr Davison proposed the Cleveland Mineral Railway and he hoped to see this district and Glaisdale soon connected thereby cutting through the tableland of Cleveland, and not nearly taking the coastline.


Mr D.T. Petch in the absence of Mr Tullit, the contractor replied and said he hoped as soon as trade revived the undertaking would be carried on.


“The health of the chairman” was then proposed by Alderman Bigger. The toast was received with hearty cheers and after a reply other toasts followed and all together a most enjoyable evening was spent.


RATES 30/12/1876 Skelton Board Election


Large and enthusiastic meeting of ratepayers was held at Lingdale. Mr. Lattimer, President of the Rate payers’ Association, presided, and, proceedings, referred to the work of the Board. Mr. Rippon, one the members, after answering several questions, reviewed the work of the Board during its three years. etc.


BANKRUPTCY 3/1/1877 Gazette Bankrupts


First general meeting. Gilbert Steele and George Steele, formerly of Ingleby Greenhow, Ironstone Proprietors, trading under the style of Steele and Son, Gilbert Steele now residing at Moorsholm, York, and George Steele at Lingdale, miners Jas Wilkes, Solicitors, Zetland Rd, Middlesbrough.


ODDITY 6/1/1877 Strange Contents of a Bullock’s Stomach.


At Lingdale near Guisborough the other day, a bullock belonging to Messrs. Watson Sons, was slaughtered and in its stomach were found a pocket knife and the heel-plate of boot, the latter being quite bright.


SCHOOL 20/1/1877 Skelton and Stanghow School Board Election


1st board meeting of occurred on 7th March 1874. with five members viz. Dr Gardener, Squire Wharton and Messrs Atterton, Chisholm and Taylor, later joined by Mr Rippon and Mr J Dixon for Stanghow. The board as since bought a freehold site at Lingdale from Mr John Dixon for £645 and entered into a contract with Mr Emanuel Elmer to build schools from plans and specifications by Mr Bewick for £4,350.


CRIME 25/1/1877 gazette Robbery


Guisborough Petty Sessions. Joseph Garrett, miner of Lingdale- lane, miner, was charged with feloniously wounding Mr Souter near Loftus. Garret was apprehended on Tuesday night at Marske and brought in custody charged with being implicated in a highway robbery with two other men not yet apprehended. On the night in question the prosecutor a pig jobber was driving home to Houlswike near Danby in his trap when and on passing through a gateway at Golden Hill near Liverton and leading his horse suffered a violent blow to his head from a large stake. It knocked him to the ground. A second man then filled the prosecutors mouth with sand to prevent him shouting. He then became insensible and on his recovery found he had been robbed of about £18 from his inside waistcoat pocket. Mr Souter then proceeded to the nearest farmhouse and raised the alarm, but no trace of the robbers could be obtained. He identified the person who had inflicted the blow. The bench remanded prisoner refusing bail.


CRIME 10/2/1877 Guisborough Police Court


Samuel Bowes, of Lingdale Lane, miner, was charged by Mark Pearson, landlord of the Lingdale Hotel, with refusing to quit. Fined £1 and costs 9s or in default 14 days prison.


MINE 24/2/1877 Guisborough Petty Sessions


Application for a powder licence. An application was made by Mr Heslop manager at Mr J W Pease and partners Lingdale mines for a licence to store 2,000 tons of powder at their mines.


28/2/1877 Gazette Licence Application


George bland, wholesale beer dealer, residing at 14 and 16 Scarth street, Lingdale, Skelton gives notice: that it is my intention to apply for a licence to sell alcohol etc.


PROPERTY 7/3/1877 Marshall v Marley


York Assizes. Curious commission case. Claim made by for £62 balance on commission of sale of three cottages. Plaintiff James Marshall is a Mechanical Engineer at Tredegar Iron works and at time of the transaction taking place resided at Lingdale. Defendant Mr Marley is a large farmer at Boosbeck. Verdict to defendant.


PROPERTY 15/3/1877 Gazette For Sale


HOUSE and SHOP, in High-street, Lingdale, Cleveland. Apply, ROBINSON, 8,Green road, Skelton.


PROPERTY 17/3/1877 Paving Dispute


Guisborough petty sessions, Wm Coates, builder was summoned by Mr Makins surveyor at the instance of Skelton local board. For payment of £44 11s plus interest at 5% expended in paving and flagging a portion of Coral St, Lingdale opposite his property. Notices had been served to him to perform the necessary work but had been ignored. The board completed the street in default and called for his apportionment. The bench advised that both sides should raise their points with an arbitrator.


CRIME 29/3/1877 Wife Assault


Guisborough Police Court. A young man named John Vasey was on a charge of assaulting Mary Ann, wife of John Bell at Lingdale. Under the influence of drink he went to his father in laws house seeking his wife and during an angry altercation struck her in the face with his fist, which forced her against the edge of a door cutting her face. Fined 10s. and costs. 12s. In default 14 days.


14/4/1877 Skelton Health Board Election


Election candidates included James Walter Trevenor, Carpenter of Lingdale (elected) and Bartholomew White, builder of Lingdale (not elected).


CRIME 14/4/1877 Assault at Lingdale


Guisborough Petty Sessions. John Knaggs and Hannah Knaggs his wife, were charged with assaulting Robert Joyce at Lingdale road on the 4th inst., and there was a cross summons, Joyce being charged with assaulting Knaggs. Joyce was returning from work about 8am on Wednesday morning when passing Mrs Knaggs door when she came out and seized a brush with which she struck him over the head and on the eye. In self defence he pushed Mrs Knaggs at which her husband came to her assistance and both severely assaulted him. He cried out “it was too bad two setting on one” and said he then threw a stone at John Knaggs, hitting him on the leg. Joseph Kaylow, Draper gave corroborate evidence, adding that he was the only witness present. Cross examination then occurred. Mr Knaggs claimed that Joyce first attacked his wife and going to her defence he hit him. Bench dismissed case against Joyce and fined the Knaggs 5s and costs.


CRIME 14/4/1877 Allowing a ferocious dog to be at large.


Guisborough Petty Sessions. Richard Smith on the information of Matilda Jefferson was charged with not keeping a dog under proper control on 1st April. The complainants son aged about 9yrs was passing the dog at Lingdale when it turned on him, knocked him down and severely bit his cheek and left arm. The defendant brought forward several people who claimed the dog was not outdoors on the day in question, which the bench held in disbelief. The police were ordered to take possession of the dog immediately and destroy it.


CRIME 23/4/1877 Gazette Stokesley County Court


A grocer in business at Lingdale, near Guisborough, sued one of his customers, named Cooke, for £1 16s 2d, for goods supplied. The plaintiff, in answer said the defendant was a “fittegrapper chap”, What’s that? Asked the judge. “Why a chap who takes shadows” he replied. Laughter in the court room. The case was proved and an order made against the defendant for the amount owed.


PROPERTY Whitby Gazette 12/5/1877 SALE BY AUCTION


Lingdale in Cleveland. MR. WM. TEMPLE is favoured with instructions to, SELL BY AUCTION at the Lingdale Hotel, on 14th, May 1877, at 7 o’clock in the evening, in two lots, with valuable Freehold SHOP and TWO DWELLING HOUSES, belonging to Mr. John Wood.


16/5/1877 Sheffield Daily Telegraph Advertisement


  1. Cook, Lingdale-lane, Cleveland, Yorkshire, photographer.


MINE 17/5/1877 Fatal Accident at Lingdale


An inquest was held at the Victoria Hotel, Lingdale before Mr William Robinson, deputy coroner. Mr John Whitehouse (62), a labourer at Messrs Pease mines at Lingdale who met his death by falling from a scaffold from a distance of sixteen feet. A verdict of accidental death was returned.


TRAGEDY 17/5/1877 York Herald Suicide at Lingdale


On Tuesday at Lingdale an inquest was held on the body of Mary Ann Lawrence age 17 who died on the previous Saturday evening from taking a quantity of Battles Vermin Killer. Deceased mother stated that on Saturday morning her daughter left home to go to a situation at Hinderwell. She was not well but said she would crawl on her hand and knees. On the evening she returned and said she felt as though she was dying.

She went to bed and on getting worse a doctor was sent for but being away from home he did not attend until after her death. The deceased had twice told her mother last week she was going to die as she had dreamt about it. Robert Johnson Parkin assistant to Mr Ayton, Chemist said deceased had come into the shop on Saturday evening and purchased a 3d packet of mice poison. She appeared very calm and in good health. Dr Mcutcheon said he had made a post mortem examination of the deceased but did not discover any poison; still by what he heard he had heard he was of opinion her death was caused by poison. He had known deceased about twelve months and considered her weak minded. Verdict; while under a temporary fit of insanity she committed suicide by taking a quantity of Battles vermin killer.


BANKRUPTCY 18/5/1877 Liquidations by Arrangement W Cook, Lingdale Lane Cleveland, Photographer


20/5/1877 The Era Advertisement


Wanted musical instrument? Edward Jarred, 42,Cockburn Street, Lingdale, near Guisborough, Yorkshire.


SPORTS 26/5/1877 Darlington and Richmond Herald


Annual Sports at Guisborough. 140yds foot race. Heat winner, George Hardy of Lingdale, unplaced in final.


29/5/1877 Gazette Alleged Assault on a Step Mother.


Guisborough Petty Sessions. Thos Haytow, a Butcher was charged with assaulting his step mother Elizabeth Haytow at Lingdale. On Friday morning the parties had exchanged some words with reference to a box, when the defendant caught hold her and pushed her towards the box. He also struck her in the mouth and knocked her down causing her mouth and arm to bleed. Defendant denied this saying he was only preventing her from falling into the box, when she fell down and landed awkward, sustaining the injuries. Evidence was corroborated and case dismissed.


CRIME 29/5/1877 Caution to Chemists


Guisborough Petty Sessions. Peter Bamlett Ayton, Chemist at Lingdale was charged with selling a bottle of “Battles Vermin Killer” to a girl named Mary Ann Lawrence without making an entry in a poison book which is required by law. Fined £5 and 11s costs. It was stated the girl had poisoned herself with the poison.


CRIME 30/5/1877 Man’s Assault at Lingdale


Guisborough Petty Sessions. Margaret Webb, a married women, living at Lingdale lane, was charged with assaulting Henry Cox, bill-poster and sewing machine agent of Middlesbrough, on the 23rd inst. Cox, obeying the instructions of his employer, went to the house of a Mrs Bower, at Lingdale, and took possession of a sewing machine which had been hired by Mr Bower. Before it could be removed from the house Mrs Bower observed that it had better remain, but Mr Cox showed no disposition to leave it, and Mrs Bower then locked the door to prevent its removal. Some words ensued, and Mrs Webb, who lives in the adjoining, went to inquire if there was anything the matter.

Being invited by Mrs Bower to come in through the window, she did so, and on hearing what the good lady of the house, who was interned had to say, she abused and assaulted Cox, and threatened to rip him open with a knife if he did not get out by the window and make himself scarce. (Laughter) The Bench thought it was a very bad case, and inflicted a fine of 5s and costs.


CRIME 6/6/1877 Guisborough Petty Sessions


Thomas Dodgson and Robert Hardy, Miners of Lingdale, were charged by Sergeant Haw with being drunk on licensed premises at Skelton, on the 26th of May.


CRIME 15/6/21 Guisborough Petty Sessions


Thomas Standaway of Lingdale. was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game, on land in the occupation of Mr. D. Petch, at Moorsholm.

WATER SUPPLY 23/6/1877 Guisborough Rural Sanitary Authority. Held at the Workhouse, Guisborough. Admiral Chaloner presided.

In reference the supply at Moorsholm and Lingdale, a letter was read from Mr E. B. Hamilton to Mr D. T. Fetch, one of the principal landowners of Moorsholm, offering, on the part of the Cleveland Water Company, to supply these two places for £1,1OO, or for Moorsholm alone £8OO. The subject was ordered to stand over.


CRIME 26/6/1877 Theft of Wood at Lingdale


Guisborough Police Court. A woman named Jane Ann Collins was brought up from custody charged with stealing a quantity of wood valued at 6s the property of Emanuel Elmer builder of Saltburn. The prosecutor is erecting schools at Lingdale in close proximity to the prisoners house. Wood had been frequently missed and on searching her house he had found a quantity of wood secreted. Prisoner who was very much affected pleaded guilty. Prosecutor said he did not to press the case but wanted the prisoner to be cautioned. Supt. Borne said prisoner was of previous good character. Taking this into consideration the bench said they would remand the case for three months and in case she conducted herself properly during that time nothing further would be done in the matter.


30/6/1877 Darlington and Richmond Herald Births


PHILLIPSON.-Jane 22, at Skinningrove, the wife of N. Phillipson, of Lingdale, of a son.


PROPERTY 7/7/1877 Northern Echo Sale by Auction


Mr JOSEPH BEWICK, Auctioneer to sell by auction that Property of Sir Joseph Pease, unoccupied H0USE & SHOP, COACHOUSE, and STABLE, situate at the corner of Lingdale Road and Cockburn St, Lingdale.


MINES 12/7/1877 The Proposed Federation of Trade Unions


A meeting was held at Lingdale in Cleveland on the question of forming a national federation of trade unions and was attended by all classes of men from the neighbourhood. The chair was taken by Mr John Pierson 0f Boosbeck and a letter from Mr Joseph Toyn agent to the Cleveland Miners Association was also read, hoping the matter would receive the attention it deserved at the next trades congress.   Mr Cunion of Lingdale pointed out in an able manner the advantages that would follow a federation of trades unions and Mr J W Trevenor of the same place spoke in a similar strain.


CRIME 14/7/1877 South Durham and Cleveland Mercury


Guisborough Petty Sessions. John Preston charged with being drunk and disorderly at Lingdale was fined 10s and costs.


18/7/1877 Northern Echo Advertisement


WANTED respectable COUPLE; House found and Rates paid in exchange for nominal duties. Apply, Mr CULOW, Draper, Lingdale in Cleveland.


21/7/1877 Alleged Assault at Lingdale


Guisborough Petty Sessions. A woman named Hannah Barton was charged by John Cunion with assaulting him at Lingdale on the 30th ult. The parties are neighbours and it seemed that the defendant’s children had done considerable damage to the complainants garden. Cunion remonstrated with their father who promised to chastise them. During the conversation the defendant came up, calling him foul names and dealt him several blows with a ginger beer bottle. The defendant alleged the complainant had used bad language at her. She also stated that since she had him before the magistrates for striking her son “He had led her a life like a Turk.” There was no blow struck on either side. This statement was corroborated by two witnesses and the case was dismissed. Each party to pay their own costs.


23/7/1877 Northern Echo Legal Notices.


I Willis Cowen, of Lingdale, hereby give notice that i will not be answerable for any debt or debts of my wife, Sarah Cowen.


BANKRUPTCY 25/7/1877 Gazette. Liquidations by Arrangement.


  1. T. Chamberlain, Lingdale, near Guisborough, Grocer.


BANKRUPTCY 30/7/1877 Darlington Herald First General Meetings


  1. Wood, Pease’s St Lingdale in Cleveland, Grocer, at 16, Albert Rd Middlesbrough on the 7th August at 12.00 noon.


4/8/1877 Darlington Herald Darlington Dog Show


St. Bernard, rough or smooth coated bitches, open class,£1,2nd, J. W. Pearson, Lingdale Hotel, Lingdale; very highly commended.


6/8/1877 Brotton Flower Show and Athletic Sports


140 yd, 8 hurdles lst place, £2, George Hardy, Lingdale.


15/8/1877 Gazette Sale by Auction


Mr Watson to sell by auction on 24th and 25th the following effects of Mr Isaac Judson of Lingdale, Household Furnisher, the whole of his stock and trade and household furniture etc. (21/8/1877 postponed until further notice)


BANKRUPTCY 22/8/1877 Liquidations by Arrangements


Isaac Judson of Lingdale near Guisborough, Builder and General Furnisher.


CRIME 29/8/1877 Gazette Alleged Robbery of a Sovereign


Guisborough Petty Sessions. Jane Stone a married woman of Lingdale was charged with stealing a sovereign from George Attewell at Lingdale. The prosecutors son was playing with sovereign and lost it and the prisoners son picked it up. Mrs Stone on request refused to restore it. The bench considered no felony had been committed.


BANKRUPTCY 1/9/1877 Darlington Herald First General Meetings


William Francis Grange, Lingdale Road, Skelton, Tailor and outfitter. 8/9/1877 South Durham and Cleveland Mercury Brewster Sessions

Guisborough Brewster Sessions. Application was made by Leonard Clough for a house at No 12,14 and 16 Scarth St Lingdale to sell alcohol. P.C. Lamb gave evidence that of the 501 houses at Lingdale, 77 at present were unoccupied. Opposition was also made by the trustees of the Wesleyan Chapel saying it was unnecessary. Application refused and also that of Job Clark of Lingdale.


CRIME 15/9/1877 Shebeening near Guisborough


A man named James Smith, a labourer, who had absconded, was charged in his absence at Guisborough Petty Sessions on Tuesday, with selling spirits without a license at his house at Lingdale. Mr C. Buchanan appeared for the defence, but the magistrates refused to proceed with the case owing to the absence of the defendant. Sergeant Haw said that the defendant’s wife told him that she knew where her husband had gone to and that the police would have their work set to find him. This statement was now


denied by Mrs Smith, who said she had no idea where he was. Evidence given by the police indicated that the defendant’s wife and other persons were found drunk at the defendant’s house. The defendant was seen to take pay for some glasses of whisky. Superintendent Clarkson was granted a warrant for the defendant’s arrest.


CRIME 15/9/1877 Gazette A Juvenile Housebreaker


Wm Wood of Lingdale, 10yrs of age was charged with breaking into the dwelling house of Charles Martin, a Fruiterer of Lingdale and stealing 3s 6d, a pocket book and a razor. The prosecutor had locked up his house on Saturday and gone to Moorsholm flower show. On returning he found a pane of glass in the back kitchen window broken and then discovered the missing property. The lad was found in the backyard. A punishment of six strokes with a birch rod was passed by the bench.


22/9/1877 Lancaster Gazette Marriages


Mr Christopher Heslop, Mining Engineer, Seaton Hill House, Lingdale, to Susanna Elizabeth, third daughter of Edward Hartley, Esq. Benham House, Settle.


EDUCATION 25/9/1877 Gazette Opening Of New Board Schools At Lingdale


The whole work has been carried out at a cost of £5,200, by Mr Elmer, builder, Saltburn, from the plans of Mr Bewick, architect, Lingdale. The proceedings commenced at three o’clock with the formal opening of the school by Mrs J. T. Wharton, of Skelton Castle. Amongst those present were Mr J. W. Pease, M.P., Hutton Hall; Mrs Pease and the Misses Pease, Mr J. T. Wharton, Mr Arthur Pease, Mr T. Taylor (Chairman to the Skelton School Board), Mr Wm. Robinson, Guisborough (Assistant Clerk). In the evening there was a public meeting, at which Mr Thomas Taylor, Mr Rippon, and other gentlemen spoke.


CRIME 24/10/1877 Northern Echo Drunk and Fighting at Skelton


Guisborough Petty Sessions. John Pascoe of Lingdale and John Harker of Old Skelton were charged with being drunk and fighting. Pascoe had a crowd of about 200 men and boys around him when he was removed by the police. Harker was apprehended after being ejected from the Duke William Inn where he had been creating a disturbance.

Defendants were each fined 10s each and costs. 25/10/1877 Northern Echo

  1. C. Dixon, of Lingdale addressed an evangelic meeting 30/10/1877 Leeds Mercury Patents

Cartridges; Christopher Heslop of Lingdale


RELIGION 3/11/1877 Lingdale Congregational Mission.


On Monday evening popular lecture, entitled “The Book and its Story,” was delivered by Mr H. Waite, of Middlesbrough in the Wesleyan Chapel. Mr C. Heslop occupied the chair. The subject was very ably dealt with, and the lecture was listened to with great attention.


CRIME 12/11/1877 Assault on a Gamekeeper


Stokesley Sessions. William Flower, gamekeeper of Ingleby Manor charged John Taylor of Lingdale, miner with assaulting him. Mr. Trevor, of Guisborough, appeared for the complainant and Mr. Mawe, Spennymoor for the prisoner. According to the evidence of Wm. Flower, Robert Kendall and P.C. Hansel], stationed at Battersby who were out on the night of the 5th inst. They met the prisoner and two other men on the north


eastern railway between Ingleby Junction and the incline at about half-past eleven. The prisoner had a hay fork with him and shoved it against Flowers’ body wounding him in the hand. He was omitted for trial. A charge of night poaching was withdrawn.


24/11/1877 Yorkshire Gazette Divorce Cases.


Jacobs v Jacobs and Carnis. Petition on grounds of wife’s adultery with the co- respondent. [Thomas or William T Jacobs] had married [Elizabeth Carter] at Exeter on 11th July 1866 and they had lived together on good terms at various places in Devon until 1874. The respondent (Carnis) kept a shop at Exeter. The petitioner had obtained employment as a Joiner at Lingdale, Cleveland where he now resided. From time to time he had corresponded with his wife and sent her sums of money. On deciding to settle in Cleveland he wrote to his wife requesting that she join him and enclosed £18 for that purpose but received no reply. Sometime afterwards he received information that she had been living for sometime with the co-respondent at Bristol. Carnis had once been a good friend of his at Exeter. He stated he had visited 23, Hillbridge Parade, New Cut, Bristol and found his wife co-habiting with Carnis whose father was a baker at Exeter. Decree Nisi passed with costs.


8/12/1877 Skelton Health Board


Medical-officer (Dr Keith) reported an outbreak of scarlet fever in Wilson Street, Lingdale, one death had resulted.


CRIME 8/12/1877 Gazette A Regular Pugilistic Encounter


Guisborough Petty Sessions. William Edwards and James Hewarth were charged with fighting and Thomas Minto and Samuel Barker with aiding and abetting them. Sergeant Haw said on the 2nd he and three constables went into a plantation at Ricey Hill and found a crowd gathered around the prisoners. Edwards and Hewarth were fighting while Minto and Barker were acting as seconds and another man in the crowd was calling time. Beer had been brought up several times to refresh the combatants. Edwards and Minto pleaded guilty while Minto said he was at Lingdale at the time. Barker said he was in the crowd but did not assist in any way. The bench bound Edwards Hewarth and Barker over for the sum of £10 to keep the peace for six months but Minto said he would not be bound over. The police he said had dragged him to court before on a false charge. He had only been summoned the previous day at 3 pm and if given more time would have called witnesses to prove he was away from the spot. Mr Bell said he was very foolish as he would have to go to prison if he would not be bound over.


CRIME 8/12/1877 Gazette Shebeening at Lingdale


James Pollard was charged with selling drink at Lingdale-lane on the 2nd September without a license. George Best said on Sunday September 2nd he went to defendants house about 2 pm in company of some mates. There were several men in the house with glasses of drink before them. He and his mates consumed 5 or 6 quarts of beer which they had paid for. Money was taken by Mrs Pollard for the first two and Mr Pollard took pay for the rest. Hoggart who was in company of Dunn corroborated, he said he never paid for drink as he had no money on him. Carter said he only had some bread and meat. Supt. Clarkson said on Tuesday he visited the defendants house with Inspector Hutchinson and found an 18 gallon cask of beer in the pantry untapped and under the stairs another 18 gallon cask tapped with a considerable quantity taken out. Neither Pollard or his wife were in so he waited until 6pm when Mrs Pollard returned. He asked her to open a room which was locked. She did so and he found a stone bottle containing gin, another containing whisky and water, three measures and three jugs. Inspector Hutchinson said “the measures were found on the chimney piece of the room in which the spirit was found.” There was a pot which appeared to have been recently used lying near the tapped cask. For the defence Mr Best said he would give a complete denial to the statements of Dunn and Hoggart and there was no money paid for the drink. Pollard and Dunn were old friends and the latter got the drink


for nothing. The fact that there was two 18 gallons casks of beer found there was no proof the defendant was in the habit of selling drink as it was custom for a landlord and his lodger to go shares in a cask. James Pollard said he had never received any money for the drink from the men. They had fried beef and bread and the beer was to wash it down. The beer was shared by himself and his lodger. He had only one lodger at present but he had as many as nine. In reply to Mr Lowther he said the house had six rooms. Three bedrooms a front parlour, kitchen and wash house. Mrs Pollard, John Jones and Archibald Allan corroborated. The bench imposed a fine of £5 and costs; the drink to be forfeited.


PROPERTY 10/12/1877 gazette houses and land for sale


FOUR, Five roomed HOUSES in Boosbeck. Apply, C. THOMPSON, Scarth street, Lingdale.


PROPERTY 15/12/1877 Gazette Farm to Let


Little Moorsholm, South Farm 109 acres etc. Richard Burrows of High St Lingdale will show premises of letting, and conditions of letting may be obtained and offers in writing to William Linskill, 3 Belvoir Terr, Cambridge.


PROPERTY 29/12/1877 Gazette Freehold Property For Sale.


FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the house of Mr Wm. Wilkes, the Victoria Hotel, in Lingdale aforesaid, on THURSDAY, January 3, 1878, at 3 for 4pm Under powers of sale contained within a mortgage deed etc. Messrs R Gill and sons, Solicitors, Middlesbrough, Mr Cunningham, Auctioneer.


Lot 1 5 dwelling houses and shop situate at Prospect Terr in Lingdale with outbuildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging to and now in occupation of DR. Merryweather, Fredrick B Elmer and others.


Lot 2


6 dwelling houses and shop situate at Prospect Terr and Scarth St in Lingdale with outbuildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging to and now in occupation of John Porritt. James White and others.


Lot 3


Dwelling house, messuages and shop situate at corner of High St and Petch (Pease) St in Lingdale with outbuildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging to and now in occupation of James Urquhart.


CRIME 31/12/1877 Gazette Charge of Perjury against a Policeman.


Special sitting of Guisborough Petty Sessions. Sgt. Robert Haw. PCs. John Lamb and William Teasdale were charged with committing wilful and corrupt perjury. After deliberation each to be tried separately, Sergeant Haw was first defendant.


On 4th December Thomas Minto was brought before bench for an offence of aiding and abetting a fight at Ricey near Lingdale. Minto said he had witnesses who would have proved he was not at the place as the policemen claimed but he had not been given time to call them. He was bound over to keep the peace.


The evidence given at the time of trial was then discussed. Thomas Minto a miner said on Sunday morning he left his lodgings at 11 am and returned home at 25 minutes to four. As he was returning he met George Downs near to Mr Cooks, Grocer, his shop been half a mile from Ricey Hill. George Henryman was with Downs. He had some conversation with them and then walked down the lane were he met William Scollet and Arthur Dixon with whom he spoke to. When he got to a place called Moorcock End he saw George and


Jacob Johnson and conversed with them. He observed several people running down the footpath from Ricey Hill. Then standing at the quarry he saw the policemen passing the lane end with a man in custody. After meeting Cunion he returned to his lodgings.


The conflicting content of Minto’s statements was then discussed. Courts clerk Mr Trevor corroborated by making reference to his notes from the prior hearing. James Douglas a reporter then refereed to notes taken that day. This proved Minto had not reported meeting anyone on the road when he was questioned on that day.


On the charge of perjury against Sgt. Haw, Minto admitted to been fined 5s for gaming on the highway on 10th July last. Although he had never been charged with robbery with violence or had never been sent to prison or spent time there. He admitted to earlier convictions for snowballing at Helmsley, kicking up a disturbance at Nuneaton by breaking windows and a conviction for fighting at Pickering. The bench retired to deliberate but considered the evidence did not justify a trial by jury and so it was dismissed.


CRIME 9/1/1878 Gazette Refusing to leave


Guisborough Magistrate Court. Benjamin Waite on a charge of being disorderly and quarrelsome in the house of Mr George Clarke, Lingdale Hotel, and refusing to leave was fined 10s and costs.


CRIME 2/2/1878 Guisborough Petty Sessions


Sheep Stealing. John Forster, John Wood, James Smith and George Page, four resectable Labours were charged with stealing a tup valued £15, the property of William D Petch, farmer at Stanghow. The tup was in a field with 30 other sheep where it appeared to be have been caught and slaughtered. It was reported missing on the Sunday morning.

Sergeant Haw and P. C.s Lamb and Teasdale went to the field where they examined the spot were it had been killed. Traces of blood were later found near Forster’s house in Lingdale, which induced them to enter the house and search it. They found a neck of mutton cut and dressed in a way which was not by a butcher. Forster was then arrested on a charge of been involved in the robbery. He made no reply and was immediately locked up. The officers then visited the house of John Wood and found a leg of mutton and some pieces in the oven. In an adjoining vacant house to which he had access they discovered several pieces of a mutton carcass. After taking Wood into custody they visited the house of Smith were they also found a piece of mutton. As there was further evidence against him they locked him up. Page was also apprehended the next day. In court the evidence against Page was considered to be non-committal and he was discharged. Forster, Wood and Smith, were committed for trial at the next assizes. Considerable interest has manifested in this case in consequence of rumours that the prisoners had been driven to steal and cut up the sheep through destitution.


BANKRUPTCY 16/2/1878 Liquidations


  1. Porritt, Lingdale, Yorkshire, Grocer.


16/2/1878 Stokesley County Court


Messrs Bewick and Granger, drapers and clothiers, lately in business at Lingdale, near Guisborough, were sued at the instance of Messrs F. Snow and Co., warehousemen, Leeds, for £2 16s 8d due on a dishonoured bill of exchange. The case against Granger was dismissed because of his liquidation in September 1877. A singular mistake had been made with the title on the deeds presented by the plaintiff causing the case to be held over.


CRIME 19/2/1878 Gazette A case of Alleged Wilful Damage


John Dixon of Skelton and Ralph Moses, a man in his employ, were summoned at the instance of Mr Frederick B. Elmore, a joiner and builder, living at Lingdale, for doing damage to a lock to the amount of 2s 6d. From the statement of Mr H. Stainland, who appeared on behalf of the complainant it appeared that Elmore is a tenant of certain property belonging to the defendant Dixon. There had recently arose a difference between them as to the ownership of an engine used in the manufacture of bricks. The complainant having locked the engine in a warehouse of which he was tenant. The warehouse is the property of the defendant, Mr Dixon. Mr Buchanan who represented the defendant contended that as the lock on the door was placed there by Mr Dixon he could not be charged with doing damage to his own property. Some debate followed on the matter and the case was dismissed.


PROPERTY 17/4/1878 Sale by Auction


Ground Hill Farm Lingdale near Skelton. Mr Watson with instructions from R Fletcher and Co, Trustees to T Vaughan to sell by auction on Monday 222nd April at 12 noon, without reserve valuable farming stock cows, sheep, hogs, swine, horses, poultry, cart gear, dairy utensils and a large yard dog, a retriever and four well broken cur dogs.


CRIME 18/5/1878 Guisborough Petty Sessions


George Page, of Lingdale, miner, was charged with damaging grass in a field belonging to John Longstaff, at Stanghow. Fined ls, damage 1s and 6s 6d costs.

24/5/1878 York Herald Situation Wanted


To Master Tailors.— wanted, a situation by a first-class practical Cutter, aged 40. Good references. Apply T. Rodgers Lingdale, Guisborough


1/6/1878 Darlington and Richmond Herald Deaths


Burnhope May 22nd at Lingdale aged 22 years, Thomas Catron the beloved son of George and Margaret Burnhope.


5/6/1878 Guisborough Highway Board


Reference was made to an encroachment made upon the road by Mr Emmanuel Elmer at Lingdale, it was resolved to instruct the surveyor to call a meeting of owners of property in Lingdale and ask Mr David Dale of Darlington to attend on behalf of Messrs Pease to have the matter settled.


SCHOOL 7/6/1878 Skelton and Stanghow School Board


Mr Alexander Forbes of Lingdale having offered his resignation as Master at Lingdale Schools which was accepted. Clerk to advertise for a successor at a salary of £45 per annum with half pence per pupil and half the government grant.


MINES 17/6/1878 Serious Accident at Guisborough


A miner named Joseph Wedgewood of Lingdale was attempting to leave the creak van of a mineral train on which he had been riding near Guisborough and sustained a very serious head injury. He was taken to the Miners Hospital in Belmangate, unconscious and now lays in a precarious state.


22/6/1878 Whitby Gazette Deaths


June 19th at Lingdale, aged 28 years, Sarah wife of Mr Pennock Winspeare and daughter of Mr James Taylor of Ruswarp.


CRIME 20/7/1878 Gazette Guisborough Police Court


Mary Ann Cook was charged with assaulting Emily Brown at Lingdale, by striking her with a spade shaft. Defendant said the complainant had been scandalising her and she deserved what she got. Cook was fined £1 5s. including costs.


CRIME 24/7/1878 Gazette Guisborough Police Court


Fred Southwood and James Donnathorne, miners of Lingdale were charged with stealing a golden pheasant hen the property of John Coatsworth. On Sunday morning P.C. Teasdale saw the prisoners coming out of the prosecutors poultry house. Southwood having the hen in his hand. Both committed to gaol at Northallerton for six weeks.


BANKRUPTCY 3/8/1878 Gazette Bankrupts


J Dawe Lingdale, late Innkeeper now out of business. 24/8/1878 Gazette New Marske Flower Show

A collection of geological specimens of curiosities shown by Charles Rippon of Lingdale, attracted considerable attention.


18/9/1878 Leeds Mercury Guisborough Petty Sessions


Thomas Marley of Lingdale, miner, was charged with trespassing on the Cleveland branch of the North-Eastern Railway, at Stanghow Bridge, on the 7th.


SCHOOL 20/9/1878 Skelton School Board


Lingdale School. Charles Rippon a board member had visited the school a fortnight earlier after the new Master Mr John Douglas had taken over. He had found the boys fighting hand over head and cuffing each other in all directions and the master and his assistants looking on apparently powerless to restore order. A letter was read from Mr Douglas denying all the charges and reminding the board her majesty’s Inspector had visited the school a day or two before Mr Rippon and signed the log book clear. But he granted the school was not in the first rate order, he had not been in charge long enough to be responsible. The other members of the board thought Mr Rippon had made the case much worse than it was and that he used one or two expressions to the master that he ought not to not been used; and that Mr Douglas only been in occupation of the school a fortnight a little consideration might have been shown to him. Mr Rippon was requested to withdraw the remarks and he consented to do so and a resolution to affect was to be forwarded to Mr Douglas.


CRIME 25/9/1878 Shebeening in Cleveland


Heavy Penalty. At the Guisborough Petty Sessions. Elizabeth Dowey was charged that she did on the 22nd September sell 2 quarts of beer at Lingdale Lane without a licence. Sergeant Haw said he was on duty in Lingdale Lane on Sunday morning about 2,o’clock in company with P.C. Lamb when he heard a great row in Mrs Dowey’s house and on looking through the window he saw a man draw a quart of beer from a barrel in the closet for which he paid 6d to Mrs Dowey. He then saw three further quarts drawn and paid for and when asked for admission to enter the house he was refused. Mr McLean and John Worthington were then charged with aiding an abetting Elizabeth Dowey on the morning in question. Sergeant Haw said he saw Workington pay for the beer and Maclean draw one quart. P.C. Lamb said he was in company with Sergeant Haw at Mrs Dowey’s house and saw Worthington draw 4 quarts of beer one of which Worthington paid for and Maclean another. Sergeant Haw then asked for admission, when McClean struck the window with a poker breaking the glass. Someone then threw a brick which struck Sergeant Haw on the chest, but he could not see who threw it. From information


received they searched a house about three doors higher up and found three barrels of beer in the coal-house. This house was in the occupation of Mrs Collett. P.C. Teasdale corroborated the former evidence and said he saw marks from one house to another as though a barrel had been rolled along. Sergeant Haw (recalled) produced several bills for beer and spirits. John Dale stated that on Saturday last he went to Mrs Dowey’s in company with Maclean and Worthington but prior to this he had ordered a barrel of beer to be sent to Mrs Dowey. When they went to Mrs Dowey a female witness commenced to argue but the men took no part and fell asleep. He never saw any beer in the house. He heard the police in the yard and commenced to kick at the door and then P.C. Lamb broke all the glass in the window with a stick he was carrying. The noise awoke the two male defendants who looked out at the broken window. The next morning when he was standing on the corner of the street the officers knocked him down. The ticket produced was for the barrel he had ordered.

Witness “she rolled it out saying she would neither have him nor his beer”. The bench retired and on their return said there was some doubt as to their aiding and abetting so they would dismiss the case. In reference to Mrs Dowey they would fine the full amount £50 and in case of distress 3 months hard labour. Defendant asked the bench to allow her to go to the bench and get a cheque cashed. Te bench granted her request and she returned with the money.


RELIGION 1/10/1878 Gazette Farewell Sermon at Guisborough


On Sunday evening last the Rev. M. C. Dixon, of Lingdale, who is about to leave the district, preached a farewell sermon to a crowded congregation. From the emotion that prevailed it was evident that the people keenly felt his loss.


BANKRUPTCY 30/1/1879 1st General Meeting


Wm. Dunning, of Lingdale Lane, grocer and provision dealer, Black Lion Hotel, Stockton on 8/2/1879 at 10 am.


22/2/1879 Gazette Stokesley County Court


Mr W Woodcock wholesale grocer Guisborough sued William Dunning grocer, Lingdale for

£11 4s 2d goods supplied but the defendant has gone into liquidation so the case was struck off.


BANKRUPTCY 22/2/1879 1st General Meeting


Wm Atkinson of 83 High St Boosbeck and High St Lingdale, Draper at Geo. Robinson’s, Middlesbrough on March 8th at noon.


DESTITUTION 1/3/1879 North Skelton Soup Kitchen


An evening concert to raise funds for the soup kitchen. We learn that Mr George Clark, of Lingdale Hotel, has offered the use of his hall and gas gratuitously for the same object, and it is expected that the concert will be given there also.


TRAGEDY 8/3/1879 Death From Falling Into A Well At Guisborough


An inquest was held before Mr W Robinson at the Victoria Hotel Hotel Lingdale on the body of a girl named Marian Jane Nicholson, 5 years old. The deceased was missed and after a search was found dead in the enclosed well of a coal cellar. The well contained about four feet of water. A verdict of found drowned was returned.


TRAGEDY 11/4/1879 Leeds Mercury Accident Near Guisborough


An inquest was held yesterday before Mr. Wm. Robinson, Deputy-Coroner, at the Victoria Hotel, Lingdale, Guisborough, on the body of a miner named John Gates (46), who met with a shocking accident on Tuesday evening. The deceased and his work mates


were working in a broken drift were it is supposed they had over-powdered a hole. The effect of the shot was to break a roof prop into pieces which then collided into one nearby, bringing the roof down. A quantity of stone fell from above onto the deceased, killing him instantly. A verdict of accidental death was returned.


DESTITUTION 12/5/1879 Northern Echo The Distress of the Cleveland Miners


The Relief Committee of Boosbeck and Lingdale return their best thanks to Mr John Dixon, of Skelton, for the handsome gift of six 101b tins of compressed corned beef which they have distributed impartially amongst the worst cases in the district.


16/5/1879 Northern Echo Businesses For Sale


BE SOLD BY TENDER, the STOCK-IN-TRADE of William Atkinson, Draper and Outfitter, of Boosbeck and Lingdale, near Middlesbrough, valued at £419. Goods may inspected at above place. Tenders to the Trustee, D. L. McCallum, Northumberland.


20/5/1879 Gazette Situations Wanted


Wanted Situation to assist and deliver goods. Good references. Apply John Garbutt, 7, Dale Terrace, Lingdale-lane, Guisborough.


12/6/1879 York Herald Deaths


Barrow. — On the 9th instant, at Lingdale, aged 57, Mary, the wife of Thomas Barrow, late of North Shields



CRIME 14/6/1879 Clever Capture of Lamb Stealer in Cleveland


Guisborough Police Court. During the past few weeks several lambs have been missed in the neighbourhood of Skelton. The lambs have been caught in the fields in the night and after being killed their carcasses been cut up and carried away. Last Tuesday morning a fine lamb weighing over 28lbs was found missing from a field occupied by Messrs Bolcow and Vaughan. A set of peculiar boot marks were found on the spot were it had been killed. While been examined by Sgt. Haw and P.C. Calvert a stranger was observed loitering a short distance away but taking a great interest in their movements. The officers apprehended this man and on examining his boots confirmed their nail pattern corresponded with the marks on the ground. Prisoner was taken into custody at Skelton and their gave his name as Thomas Boscombe. He was a miner, residing at Lingdale but native of Cornwall. Officers then went on to search his house at Lingdale two times but no lamb or butcher’s meat of any kind was to be found there. The prisoners wife had feigned illness each time they visited, laying down on the floor. Been inclined to take up an oil cloth covering a small piece of the floor they discovered an ingenious trap door. Stored below this and quite out of sight a bag containing the missing carcass of lamb was found together with a quantity of leg bones. The prisoner was committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions.


14/6/1879 Skelton Health Board


Mr J. Calow, of Lingdale, moved that the charge for preparing graves for the planting of flowers be reduced from 2s 6d to 1s. He considered it too high for a working man to pay in these times of depression. A lively discussion ensued to which end the fee was reduced to 1s 6d.


19/7/1879 Skelton Agricultural Show


On 17th July, pair of Chickens attached in 1879, 2nd prize: Henry Allison, Lingdale.


MINES 31/7/1879 northern echo Cleveland miners’ association.


The annual demonstration and gala next week. Amongst the gentlemen to address the company are Messrs Joseph Toyn, agent to the association; R. Campbell, Eston and Henry Cook, Lingdale.


SPORT 2/8/1879 Gazette Cornish Wrestling at Brotton-in-Cleveland


Around 500 people attended an “old English test of strength and skill at Brotton”. Combatants dressed in tights and loose jackets. 4th place for 5s, J Pollard, Lingdale, out of 34 competitors over 2 days.


9/8/1879 Boosbeck, Skelton Lingdale Horticultural and Athletic Society


2nd annual show at a field close to Boosbeck Railway Station. Pigs, Special prize of 15s, given by Mr Allison, Lingdale.


TRAGEDY 30/8/1879 Fatal Mine Accident near Guisborough


A young named Barker [Joseph, age 20] was accidentally killed by fall of stone whilst at work in the South Skelton Mines yesterday morning. The deceased resided at Lingdale.


19/9/1879 Gazette Situations


Wanted good Houses Servant. Apply, Mrs WILKES, Victoria Hotel, Lingdale.


CRIME 24/9/1879 Desertion of a Child near Guisborough


A heartless case of deserting three children by their parents was on Tuesday investigated by Guisborough Magistrates. The children were deserted by their parents a miner and his wife named [Annie]Nicholls living in Lingdale Lane three years ago and after being taken care of by their neighbours they were removed to the Guisborough Workhouse, where the youngest of the children died. Although many enquiries were made no information as to the whereabouts of the parents was ascertained until a few weeks ago when it was found the mother was again at Lingdale Lane and passing as the wife of a man named Sadler. At the instance of Guisborough guardians a summons was issued against her for deserting her children. Mr Buchanan, clerk to the guardians prosecuted and showed the children had been maintained by the union at a cost of some £63. He pointed out that the mother if able was liable for the maintenance of her children, in the event of her husband running away and not been found. The mother said that her husband had cruelly used her and left her destitute. He is now living with another woman in Lancashire. As there was no direct evidence of the mother deserting her children, the case was dismissed.


BANKRUPTCY 26/9/1879 Liquidisations by Arrangement George Clarke of the Lingdale Hotel, Licenced Victualler

Crime 1/10/1879 Darlington Herald A Fish-Hawker in Trouble at Skelton.


Guisborough Police Court. A fish-hawker, named George Bulman, of Lingdale Lane, was charged with being drunk and disorderly at North Skelton on the previous Tuesday evening. P.C. Calvert said he found the defendant in Richard St about 10 o, clock shouting at the top of his voice, “fresh herrings” and as he was not effecting a very good sale he broke out into occasional curses, loud and deep and kicked violently at several doors. The officer asked him what he meant by his conduct when he showed fight and it was with the greatest difficulty he could be induced to go away. Bulman in his defence said the officer turned his light on him and suddenly dazzled him. (laughter) Everything was quiet until then and he supposed he was summoned because he


gave the officer a bit of his mind. The bench considered the case was clearly proved and ordered him to pay a fine of 5s and costs. The defendant amid much laughter asked the magistrate if he would be good enough to strap him, i.e. give him credit for a few days, but the request was refused.


BANKRUPTCY 22/10/1879 Public Notices


Thomas Jackson, Lingdale in Cleveland, Draper.


SCHOOL 20/12/1879 Enforcing Pre-payment of Fees at Board Schools


Test case at Guisborough Petty Sessions. George Baldwin, a miner was summoned by Skelton and Stanghow school board for the non attendance of his son James Baldwin (8) at Lingdale School on the 17th inst. The boy had been sent to school but was refused admission in consequence of not having paid his weekly school fee. This had been a frequent occurrence and there were many similar cases. The prosecution said this could not be sustained and reason why the present summons had been taken out. Mr Buchanan prosecuting, read a communication from the education board stating that in such cases the school board was justified in requiring the fee to be paid. Fined 5s and costs.


SCHOOL 12/1/1880 Ratepayers Meeting


Public meeting arranged by Lingdale Ratepayers was held at Mt Dawes, Lingdale Hotel. The chair was occupied by Mr D T Petch. Members of the board present were Mr C Rippon (President), Messrs James Chisholm, Geo. Hobbs and T Petch. Mr Wooler, Mr Coatsworth and Kelso also raised points.


SCHOOL 16/1/1880 Skelton School Board Election


Public meeting at Lingdale Hotel for purpose of choosing suitable persons to sit on the Skelton School Board. Messrs Scarth, Thompson and Charles Rippon,(Accountant) all of Lingdale, were proposed for seats on the board.


CRIME 21/1/1880 A Cannibal In Cleveland


At Guisborough Police Court Joseph Wilkes was summoned by Samuel Church for a violent assault on him at Lingdale. The complainant owns a valuable dog but not a very handsome animal but one of some value to him for rabbit coursing and straight-out racing. While on the Lingdale running ground on the afternoon in question he saw his dog in the hands of the defendant. He enquired to what he was doing with the dog and endeavoured to forcibly take it from him. The defendant told him to leave go or he would kick his liver out. In the struggle that followed the defendant caught hold of the complainants nose with his teeth and bit into it so severely that his teeth almost met. This was borne out by the apparent teeth marks on the sides of the victims nose. The bench considered the case to be of a serious nature which could not be gone into because the defendant had not appeared. Case held over for a week.


21/1/1880 For Sale by Auction


In Moorsholm Wood.— l7l Cubic Feet of Ash, 101 Feet of Oak. Mr John Saunders, No. 52, Pease Street, Lingdale lane, near Guisborough, will show the respective lots. Tenders to be sent to Mr Watson, Auctioneer, Guisborough.


28/1/1880 Concert at Lingdale


On Monday evening a concert was given in the Lingdale Hotel Concert Room in aid of Mr Joseph Bewick. The programme was a very good one and was well attended.


CRIME 31/1/1880 Guisborough Police Court


Joseph Wilkes of Lingdale, miner was charged with assaulting Samuel Church, of Guisborough, miner on the 17th inst at Lingdale. The defendant who severely bit the complainant’s nose was fined £2 and 17s. 6d costs, in default one months hard labour.


30/3/1880 Gazette Guisborough Police Court


Thomas Wear and John Ainsworth, miners, were fined 5s each and costs for being drunk and riotous at Lingdale on the 20th inst.


1/5/1880 Whitby Gazette Alleged Assault of Girl


Guisborough Police Court. Thomas Young, miner, Lingdale, was charged with assaulting a girl, of eleven years of age named Sarah Lowe, on the 19th inst. Mr. Fawcett defended. The assault according to the evidence of the girl herself was backed out partially by her mother. It was claimed the defendant indecently exposed himself, and at the same time used language totally unfit for publication. The testimony of a witness named Shepherd was to the effect that when accused by the girl’s mother, the defendant strenuously denied being the offender. Mr. Fawcett commented strongly upon this fact, and argued that that the little girl must have been mistaken in saying that the defendant was the man who assaulted her. The charge he argued, had been made simply with a view of extorting money. After careful consideration the bench dismissed the charge. Costs were not granted.


TRAGEDY 14/5/1880 Gazette The Fatal Mine Accident at Boosbeck


Coroners Inquest into death of William Clarke who was killed in the Boosbeck mines on Monday. Evidence of identification was given by Elizabeth White, with whom the deceased lodged in Lingdale-lane. The enquiry was then adjourned until Tuesday first, in order to allow the Coroner to communicate with the Home Secretary as required by law in cases of death by explosion.


CRIME 8/6/1880 Gazette A Quarrel among Boys.



Guisborough Police Court. John and Joseph Williams and Frederick Fawcett, three boys, were ordered to pay a fine and costs for beating a lad named Arthur John Codling of Lingdale, on the 3rd inst.


9/6/1880 Northern Echo Game Trespass At Stanghow


Guisborough Police Court. Jesse Boucher, miner, of Lingdale was ordered to pay a fine and costs for trespassing in pursuit of game at Stanghow on the 26th August.


CRIME 15/6/1880 gazette Cowardly Assault By Miners.


Guisborough Police Court. Charles Barnacott and John Barnacott, miners, Lingdale, were charged with assaulting Thomas Dalkin, miner, and damaging his trousers and hat, which he valued at 10s. Robert Barnacott was charged with aiding and abetting them and was the only defendant to put in an appearance. Between 11am and 12am, on the 11th inst, Dalkin was stood talking to two friends on the road between Lingdale and Boosbeck when he was attacked by Charles and John Barnacott who knocked him down and kicked him. He heard Robert Barnacott say “let him have it. Two witnesses named Pearson and MacGregor spoke of the assault and added that Robert Barnacott had persuaded the brothers to cease fighting and to go home. He denied the charge against him and alleged he had succeeded in getting his brothers away from the complainant.

For the assault Charles and Robert Barnacott were each fined 40s and costs or in default 2 months imprisonment and Robert Barnacott 10s and costs. For damages they were ordered to pay 13s 6d with a fine of 1s and costs or 14 days imprisonment.


CRIME 7/7/1880 Northern Echo Trespassing in Pursuit of Game


Guisborough Petty Sessions. Thomas Clemeston, miner, of Lingdale, was fined and costs for trespassing in pursuit of game at Stanghow, on the 10th June.


16/7/1880 Advertisements


WILLIAM COOK, Photographer, High Street, Lingdale lane, Guisborough 14/8/1880 Whitby Gazette List of Visitors

Mr Brown and Family, of Lingdale at Mrs Corners, 49, Church St. 21/8/1880 Northern Echo Boosbeck and District Flower Show

Held in field close to the Railway Station, Boosbeck. Prize winners included Alfred Elvidge and C. Burton, Lingdale.


28/8/1880 Darlington and Richmond Herald Deaths


BEWICK. August 19, at Lingdale, aged 35, Joseph Bewick. 17/9/1880 Northern Echo Situations Wanted

A good strong BOOTMAKER- Experienced Man preferred. Apply, THOMAS STOKHELD?, Lingdale, Guisborough.


CRIME 16/10/1880 Guisborough Police Court


Jacob Canion, Robert and John Canion, brothers of Lingdale, miners were fined 10s and costs for being drunk and fighting in the High Street, Lingdale, on the 3rd inst.


CRIME 25/12/1880 Gazette Stray Dogs


Guisborough Petty sessions. John Lowther and Wm. McNaughton of Lingdale were each fined and costs for allowing their dogs to be at large, in contravention of a prior order of the court.


TRAGEDY 18/1/1881 Fatal Accident at Cleveland Mine


A shocking accident occurred this (Tuesday) morning at Messrs Pease Lingdale mine to a man named John Stephenson. The poor fellow was engaged cleaning the ice from the pit bottom when by some means the cage was lowered onto him, killing him on the spot. Deceased leaves a wife and eight children. An inquest was later held at the Lingdale Hotel were a verdict of accidental death was returned.


18/2/1881 Gazette Wesleyan Chapel, Lingdale.


An excellent lecture was delivered on Thursday evening to a crowded room by S. Grubb, Es. entitled the Local Option. The chair was occupied by Rev. R Roberts of Guisborough.


CRIME 22/2/1881 Gazette Refusing to Quit at Lingdale.


James Teasdale was charged with refusing to quit the premises of William Wilkes, innkeeper, of Lingdale. From the evidence of Wilkes it appeared the defendant came into the house on the 19th inst enquiring the whereabouts of a certain butcher. He requested the landlord to find that person in the house for him but was refused.


Landlord remaining behind the bar. Wherein the defendant who was sober became very abusive and refused to leave the house when requested. Fined 1s.


TRAGEDY 24/2/1881 Shocking Fatal Mine Accident


An inquest was held yesterday afternoon at the Victoria Hotel, Lingdale, near Guisborough by Mr William Robinson, deputy coroner. John Taylor, (14) had met with his death in a shocking manner on Monday afternoon. The deceased was a trapper at the Boosbeck mines and when coupling up two wagons jammed his head in-between them and he was fatally injured. Mr Atkinson, deputy inspector of mines and Mr Joseph Toyn, miner’s agent, attended the inquiry. A verdict of accidental death was returned.


CRIME 12/3/1881 Guisborough police court.


Robert and George Turner of Stanghow, miners, were charged with assaulting William Jackson of Stanghow, miner. Fined with costs.


CRIME 12/3/1881 Guisborough Police Court.


James Smith, innkeeper of Skatebeck, was fined £2 and costs for being drunk whilst in charge of horse at Lingdale. The defendant had run his horse against the shaft of a cart, inflicting such a wound on its chest that it had dropped down dead on the road, where he left it.


CRIME 19/3/1881 Gazette Refusing to Quit


Gazette Guisborough Petty Sessions. J. Masham was charged by J. Wilkes, innkeeper, of Lingdale, with refusing to quit his premises. The defendant, who did not appear, was fined 1s and costs.


RELIGION 4/4/1881 Proposed Congregational Church at Lingdale


The members and friends of the above church who have been holding their services in a reading room belonging to Messrs Pease & Co have determined to build a new church and have issued circulars to the public for assistance. Mr C Heslop as been appointed president and Mr Wood secretary of the building committee.


CRIME 20/4/1881 Serious Charge Against a Cleveland Miner


Guisborough Petty Sessions. John Woodward, a miner, residing at Lingdale, was brought up on remand, charged, under a warrant, with having, in November last, obtained the sum of £2 15s 3d fraudulently from his employers. Mr Brignall, of Durham, prosecuted and Mr Teale defended. Prisoner, it seems was for some time employed as a back overman at South Skelton Mines, belonging the Clay-lane Iron Company, but in November last he was dis- charged, it being suspected that he had been carrying on a system of swindling, by making out pay-notes for men who had no existence in reality. Since November the matter was fully investigated by the mine officials, and, as a result, the prisoner was arrested last Saturday at Boosbeck, where he was at work. Mr Brignall now asked that the accused might be remanded, as an important witness for the prosecution was unable to be present on account of the serious illness of his father. Mr Teale had not the slightest objection to a remand. He would ask, however, that his client might be admitted to bail, the case having now been before the public for so long a time. Mr Brignall had no objection to to bail, provided it was substantial. The Bench, after a consultation, decided to admit the prisoner to bail in two sureties of £100 each, and himself in £100, the further bearing of the case to be adjourned until next Tuesday.


PROPERTY Whitby Gazette 28/5/1881 Sale by Auction


Mr J Goundry, Auctioneer, Loftus, to sell by auction at the house of Mr William Wilks, the Victoria Hotel, Lingdale on June 2nd 1881 at 3 for 4pm under powers of sale contained within a mortgage deed

8 freehold messuages or dwelling houses and shops with yards, outbuildings and appurtenances in Stanghow Rd, Lingdale aforesaid in which 3 are in the occupation of Mr Bulmer, Campbell and Hopper, the remaining 5 being unoccupied. The property is well and recently built and in good repair etc. Particulars Mr Gill Solicitor, Saltburn and Mr F W Aitken’s, Tiehurst, Sussex.


TRADGEDY Whitby Gazette 28/5/1881 Child drowned in Cleveland


Mr William Robinson, Deputy Coroner held an inquest at Stanghow on Wednesday. Ann Emma Turner, four years of age was drowned on Tuesday afternoon by falling into a pond in an old brickyard at Lockwood beck near Stanghow. A servant girl who was with her at the time tending some cattle ran for assistance which however arrived too late. A verdict of accidental death was returned.


11/6/1881 Northern Echo Advertisement


WANTED strong, steady Girl, as GENERALL SERVANT. Apply, Mrs W. WILKES, Victoria Hotel, Lingdale.


TRAGEDY 6/7/1881 Fatal Fall from Scaffold at Lingdale


An inquiry was held at Brotton Hospital by Mr Robinson Deputy Coroner into the death of Robert Weldon (28) who died on Monday from injuries from falling from a scaffold at Lingdale on Whit Monday. The deceased who was employed by a builder named Agar, was carrying a hod of bricks up a ladder and as he arrived at the top he stepped on a loose brick, overbalanced and slipped over backwards falling a distance of about 18 feet to the ground. Medical assistance was at once procured and on examination his back was found to be seriously injured. A verdict of accidental death was returned.


29/7/1881 Gazette Situations


WANTED, a middle-aged HOUSE-KEEPER; four in family, Wesleyan or Primitive preferred. Apply W. Frankland, Barber, Lingdale.


CRIME 13/8/81 Stokesley County Court


Messrs Hudson and Pybus Trustees under liquidation for J Whitfield of Lingdale-lane sued Alexander Winter for £17 12s. Money alleged to have been collected by the defendant for house rents at Lingdale-lane but never accounted for. Verdict for plaintiffs of £8 2s 3d, with costs.


PROPERTY 15/8/1881 northern echo houses for sale


FOR SALE (Offers invited), Four FREEHOLD COTTAGES, in Coral-Street, Lingdale, Cleveland, with four room’s, separate yards, and water laid on to each house. Sold either as one lot or separately. Apply, J. THOMPSON, Craddock House, Bishop Auckland.


22/8/1881 New Marske Horticultural and Industrial Society Ladies work, Mrs C. Rippon, Lingdale.

CRIME Gazette 23/8/1881 Guisborough Police Court


  1. Hetherington and W. Southend, both of Lingdale were charged with being drunk and riotous at Lingdale, Each fined 5s each and costs.


29/8/1881 Lingdale And Stanghow Horticultural And Industrial Society.


This being the first, the entries Were not numerous, only in two departments viz., the vegetable and industrial. In the open class for flowers and fruit Messrs Heckle, Bearpark, and Marley were the principal exhibitors and prize takers; and in the vegetable Messrs Brighton, Wharton, Worth, Morgan, Heslop, Crouch, Marley, B. Petch, Heckle, Blackham, and Agar excelled and took prizes. In the cottagers’ class for flowers and fruit Messrs Heckle, Blackham, Bearpark, Dunn, Franklin, Wardman, Morgan, Agar, and Marshall were successful exhibitors; whilst Messrs Brighton, Baxter, Agar, Dastard, Dove, Dale, Clough, Dawson. Longstaff, Kidd, Wilson, Blackburn, and Swale took honours. In the ornamental and mechanical work Messrs T. Pardon and D. Morris were successful, The penmanship was very good, and Mr G. Hobbs, who was the judge, had some difficulty in saying who was worthy of the prize. The following were prize- takers, G. Todd, A Brown, John W. Wilkes, J. Richers, M. Burnhope, C. Preen, M. Wotton, and R. Todd. Drawing, W. Watson, J. Couch, and W. Whitfield. Ladies’ work, Mesdames Faulkner, Wilson. Marshall, Braithwaite, Miss Ackroyd, R. P. Petch, Craven, Watson, Franklin, Ramshaw, Miss Robinson, Cubbly, Laing, E. Rippon, A. Lyndale, Dunn, Elwood, Taylor, Mosley, Clough, and Douthwaite were successful exhibitors, and the work was considered by the judges to be very fine. In the poultry department Messrs Wood, Bowland, Cook, Bennison, Young, Pollard, and Barker took prizes. Special prizes were given by Messrs Scarth and Rippon for flowers, and Mrs Heslop gave a special prize for the best night-dress. Messrs Young and Archibald, Miss A. Young, and C. Rippon took prizes for flowers; and Miss Hatwell and Miss Longstaff for the nightdress. An excellent luncheon was provided by Mr Dunn, Lingdale Hotel.


CRIME 31/8/1881 Guisborough Police-Court.


James Charlton and Joseph Charlton, both of Lingdale, labourers, were summoned for damaging the fence of a field and quantity of oats at Skelton, the property of John Langstaff.


CRIME 7/9/1881 Disturbing A Religious Meeting At Lingdale


Guisborough Police Court. Jacob Cunion, James Fawcett, Garibaldi Affleck, miners, of Lingdale, were charged with riotous behaviour in disturbing a religious meeting in the Mechanics’ Institute, Lingdale. From the evidence of a man called Ditchburn it appears the defendants came to the place on the afternoon in question and commenced rapping at the door. On been remonstrated for their conduct they commenced swearing and Affleck attempted to strike the witness. Their defence was that the mission band had come around the streets inviting everyone to go to their place of worship and when they went they were not allowed to enter. Cunion was dismissed, Fawcett and Affleck were made to pay costs.


CRIME 11/10/1881 Gazette Sheep Stealing in Cleveland


Guisborough Police Court. Three miners, named William Ceilings, Edward Staines, and William Fletcher, of Lingdale were charged with stealing sheep at that place and remanded in custody until the 15th on application of Supt. Clarkson.


It appeared that on Saturday night, about eleven o’clock, P.C. Imisson saw the prisoners coming towards them on the Boosbeck roadside near Moorcock gardens. He observed them stop and put something over the fence and then they came on and passed him. Going to the place he found part of a sheep, still quite warm which had been skinned and stashed in a bag. He took possession of it. Knowing the men he sought out Sgt. Raw and P.C. Teasdale with whom he went to No 45 Moorcock Row, Collins and Fletcher residence. The door was closed and the house in darkness. They knocked several times but obtained no answer. Eventually P.C. Imisson got in through the window and let P.C. Teasdale in at the back door. Collins and Fletcher were sitting in the kitchen in darkness; their clothing wet through. There was marks of blood and


some wool about them. A large pocket knife was also found smeared with blood and grease. The house of Staines was later searched and a knife was found which also had blood and wool on it and he had wet clothes. Mr Rowe of Redhill Farm, Moorsholm stated that he rented 1,600 acres of Moorland and had over 600 ewes and lambs there. He had examined a skin which had been shown to him by Inspector Archer. From the marks on it he believed it was one of his sheep. Inspector Archer spoke of finding the sheep near Lockwood beck spring head. Mr Bulmer, Butcher said he had examined the skin and believed it belonged to the mutton produced. The three prisoners were committed for trial at the Northallerton sessions.


CRIME 15/10/1881 Gazette Loftus Petty Sessions


Joseph Richardson, miner, of Lingdale and John Sanderson, Game keeper, Liverton, were both fined, the former 5s and costs, and the latter 10s and costs, for being drunk and incapable.


CRIME 15/10 1881 Gazette What is Cider?


Loftus Petty sessions. A case of considerable importance to vendors of ginger beer and co was heard as Benjamin Wilson of Skinningrove was charged by the Inland Revenue for selling cider without having a licence. Mr Sullivan an exciseman had visited Wilson’s house and purchased a bottle of cider for one and a half pence from his wife, who said it was cider although it was thick and cloudy. Mr H Esther, supervisor of revenue told the court that the act stated that anyone selling cider without a license was liable to a fine of £20. A discussion then took place over this matter.

Mr Affleck, of Lingdale was called, he stated that it was pineapple cider and was made of pineapple essence, sugar and water and that he was the manufacturer. The defendant said he was not selling what was excisable. Mr Esther said he did no wish for as heavy fine for it. The defendant said he would not pay one six pence. Case deferred for further consideration.


RELIGION 2/11/1881 Primitive Methodist Harvest Thanksgiving


Celebration at Moorsholm. Speaker, Mr T. Catron, Lingdale who, it was stated, bed been a member of the Primitive Methodist Connexion over 52 years. The choir was conducted by Mr J Cook, Lingdale.


1/12/1881 Gazette Wanted


SEWING MACHINE, Singer principle, good working order; cash, Jno. Faulkner, Lingdale- in-Cleveland.


CRIME 7/12/1881 York Herald Trespassing In Pursuit


Guisborough Petty Sessions. John Lowther, of Lingdale, miner, was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on land belonging Lord ? on the Moor; and also on land belonging to Mr. J. T. Wharton Fined 10s and costs 2s. 6d




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