Richmond Churchwardens 1739-1800


Being a churchwarden is a parish post that goes way back in history.

A churchwarden was elected by the vestry, usually on Easter Tuesday. (Until well into the 19th century those areas which weren’t boroughs were governed by parish vestries which generally consisted of the larger land occupiers. Most vestries were ‘open’ which meant that any ratepayers could attend meetings and take part).

At least two and sometimes four churchwardens were appointed depending on the size of the parish. More often there would be one to represent each of the parish’s townships, or manors. Amongst other duties he was responsible as custodian of the parish property and income, upkeep of the church fabric, providing facilities for worship such as allocating pews, ensuring parishioners attended church regularly and brought their children for baptism, to present offences within the jurisdiction of the church courts, helped to keep the church registers, supervise the education and relief of the poor, arrange the burials of unknown strangers and the baptism of foundlings – and was responsible for the extinction of vermin!

Richmond Parish Churchwardens, North Yorkshire


1739       Matthew Hutchinson (alderman)                     Mr Ralph Close (town clerk)                              Mr Edmund Robinson                                         Mr Robert Bridgewater

1740       Mr Henry Cowlin (alderman)                             Mr Caleb Readshaw junior (alderman)            Mr Henry Nichols                                                 Mr Thomas Johnson

1742       Mr John Elworth (alderman)                             Mr Henry Lanchester (alderman)                     Mr George Thompson                                         Mr Edmond Lonsdale

1743       Mr Robert Wilson (alderman)                           Mr Joseph Coats (alderman)                             Mr Francis Langstaff                                            John Walker (cooper)

1744       Mr Christopher Dighton                                     Mr Ralph Hutchinson                                          William Mason                                                     John Geldart

1745       Mr Thomas Simpson                                           Mr William Thompson                                        John Redhead (innholder)                                 Ambrose Newby (butcher)

1746       Mr Ralph Friar                                                      Mr Richard Buckton                                            Mr Henry Lanchester                                          John Craddock

1747       Mr John Elsworth junior                                     William Craggs                                                      Mr Edward Cowling                                             Henry Close junior

1748       Mr James Simpson                                               Christopher Dufton                                             Charles Alderson                                                 John Raper

1749       Mr John Robinson (alderman)                           Mr Stephen Farmer                                             Mr Christopher Wayne                                       Mr Richard Robinson

1750       Mr Francis Langstaff                                            Mr Edmond Lonsdale                                          Mr William Brockel                                             Mr Ralph Thompson

1751       Mr George Thompson                                         Mr James Gateley                                                Mr Reuben Kilburne                                           Christopher Clarkson

1752       Mr Cuthbert Cowling (alderman)                     Mr Henry Lanchester (alderman)                     Mr William Dixon (town clerk)                                Mr James Simpson

1753       Mr Thomas Simpson (alderman)                      Mr John Elsworth (alderman)                            Mr William Thompson                                        Mr Thomas Cowling

1754       Mr Robert Wilson (alderman)                           Mr Caleb Readshaw (alderman)                       Mr Michael Waggit                                              Mr George Gill

1755       Mr Christopher Deighton (alderman)              Mr Fowler Hickes (alderman)                            Mr William Craggs                                               Mr James Newsam

1756       Mr Edmond Lonsdale (alderman)                     Mr Ralph Hutchinson                                          Mr John Geldart                                                   Thomas Pickering

1757       Mr John Robinson (alderman)                           Mr William Brockell (alderman)                        Mr Henry Thornton                                             Benjamin Appleby

1758       Mr Cuthbert Cowling (alderman)                     Mr Thomas Simpson (alderman)                      Mr George Morgatroyd                                      Mr William Raw

1759       Mr Thomas Cowling (alderman)                       Mr John Ewbank                                                   Mr Charles Alderson                                           Mr Henry Blegborough

1760       Mr George Thompson                                         Mr Thomas Simpson junior                               Mr Michael Waggit                                              Mr Thomas Hunton

1761       Mr John Redhead                                                Mr Thomas Brockell                                            Mr Joseph Lonsdale                                            Mr Thomas Baines

1762       Mr Thomas Simpson (alderman)                      Mr John Elsworth                                                 Mr John Cradock                                                  Mr Robert Jackson

1763       Mr William Brockell (alderman)                        Mr James Simpson                                               Mr Charles Alderson                                           Mr Christopher Clarkson

1764       Mr Lonsdale (alderman)                                     Mr Matthew Bowes                                            Francis Geldart                                                     William Moss

1765       Mr Fowler HIckes (alderman)                            Mr William Craggs                                               William Thompson                                               Leonard Brackenbury

1766       Mr Dighton                                                            Mr Wensley (town clerk)                                   Mr James Newsam                                               Mr Richard Robinson

1767       Mr Lanchester (alderman)                                 Mr Bernard Metcalfe (dep registrar)               Mr William Thompson                                        Mr Joseph Lonsdale

1768       Mr Lonsdale (alderman)                                     Mr William Harrison                                            Mr Thomas Barnes                                              Mr John Cradock

1769       Mr Hickes (alderman)                                         Mr William Thompson                                        Mr Thomas Heslop                                              Mr John Eubanke

1770       Mr Caleb Readshaw (alderman)                       Mr Thomas I’anson                                              Mr Christopher Clarkson                                    Mr Henry Johnson

1771       Mr William Arrowsmith                                      Mr Christopher Watkin                                       Mr Robert Robson                                               Mr William Brodick

1772       Mr Thomas Cowling (alderman)                       Mr Henry Trigg                                                     Mr Leonard Raw                                                   Mr Samuel Garthwaite

1773       Mr James Simpson (alderman)                          Mr John Robinson (alderman)                           Mr Baynes Wright                                               Mr Tomlinson

1774       Mr Brockel (alderman)                                       Mr John Ayre                                                        John Walker (cooper)                                         Richard King

1775       Mr Henry Cowling                                                Mr George Gill                                                      Mr Thomas Dennison                                         Mr John Walker

1776       Mr James Newsam                                               Mr Jno Rodick                                                       Mr Christopher Clarkson                                    Mr Jno Redhead

1777       Mr Thomas I’anson                                              Mr Henry Johnson                                               Mr Francis Winn                                                  Mr Robert Champlay

1778       Mr Readshaw (alderman)                                  Mr William Harrison                                            Mr James Rowlandson                                        Mr Christopher Watkin

1779       Mr Brockell (alderman)                                      Mr Christopher Watkin                                       Mr George Gill                                                      Mr William Rowlandson

1780       Mr George Margetroyd                                      Mr Anthony Metcalfe                                         Mr Leonard Brakenbury                                     Mr Francis Ridley

1781       Mr Leonard Brakenbury                                     Mr Francis Ridley                                                 Mr William Morgatroyd                                      Mr William Rodick

1782       Mr Leonard Brakenbury                                     Mr William Morgatroyd                                      Mr Simpson (alderman)                                      Mr George Thompson Watkin

1783       Mr Simpson (alderman)                                      Mr George Thompson Watkin                           Mr John Cooper                                                   Mr James Outhwaite

1784       Mr James Outhwaite                                           Mr John Cooper                                                   Mr William King                                                   Mr William Bowe

1785       Mr William King                                                   Mr William Row                                                   Mr Robinson Craggs                                            Mr John Walker

1786       Mr Robinson Craggs                                            Mr John Walker                                                   Mr Leonard Brakenbury                                     Mr John Clarkson

1787       Mr Leonard Brakenbury                                     Mr James Outhwaite                                           Mr John Husband                                                 Mr James Foster

1788       as 1787

1789       Mr John Husband                                                 Mr James Foster                                                  Mr Thompson (alderman)                                  Mr John Lonsdale

1790       Mr William Thompson                                        Mr Kay (alderman)                                               Mr John Lonsdale                                                Mr John Rodick

1791       Mr Kay (alderman)                                               Mr Hogg (alderman)                                            Mr William Nicholson                                         Mr John Raw

1792       Mr Hogg (alderman)                                            Mr Nicholson                                                        Mr Blegborough (alderman)                                Mr John Ayre

1793       Mr Blegborough (alderman)                              Mr John Ayre                                                        Mr Wensley (alderman)                                     Mr Nicholas Summers Lunn

1794       Mr Wensley (alderman)                                     Mr Nicholas S Lunn                                             Mr Edward Cowling                                             Mr John Harland junior

1795       Mr Edward Cowling                                             Mr John Harland junior                                      Mr Winn (alderman)                                           Mr John Cooper

1796       Mr Winn (alderman)                                           Mr John Cooper                                                   Mr Simpson (alderman)                                      Mr Willm Morgetroy

1797       Mr Simpson (alderman)                                      Mr Willm Morgetroy                                           Mr William King                                                   Mr Willm Brockell

1798       Mr Hogg (alderman)                                            Mr Willm Brockell                                               Mr R C Alderson                                                   Mr Perse Brakenbury

1799       Mr Hogg (alderman)                                            Mr Thomas Metcalfe (mason)                           Mr Hodgson (alderman)                                     Mr Perse Brakenbury

1800       Mr Hodgson (alderman)                                     Mr Thomas Metcalfe (mason)                           Mr Wensley (alderman)                                     Mr Willm Morgetroy