Saltburn and District Memorial Cards late 1800s



In the 1980s, a mass of late 19th century material was found in a cellar in Dundas Street, Saltburn where William Rapp & Sons had a printer’s workshop which was later taken over by Albert Barnes Moss.


Amongst this material was found manuscript drafts and printed proofs of memorial cards ordered by customers between 1869-1881. In some cases, more information appears on the cards than would be found in the burial register and in others the death and burial took place outside the immediate area though relatives of the deceased person probably lived in the Saltburn area. These will  help when checking the nearest census for further details.


ALDEN Mary died 1 Jan 1872 at Fulton Street aged 61 and buried at Fulton.

ALDEN Frederick Henry died at Marske 25 Jan 1873 son of Henry & Margaret Ann aged 4mths 11 days and buried at Marske.

ALDEN William George died 26 Feb 1874 son of Henry & Margaret Ann.

ALMOND Thomas buried at Marske 11 Feb 1873 aged 65yrs late of Urlay Nook, Yarm.

ANDERSON John died 7 Jul 1874 aged 53yrs.

ANDREW James died 1 Jan 1875 aged 78yrs of Skelton.

ATKINSON Thomas Ernest died 17 Jan 1875 aged 8mths son of Thomas & Mary Ann.

BARLOW Elizabeth died 18 Feb 1875 daughter of Arthur & Elizabeth aged 5mths.

BARNES Elizabeth Ann who died 6 Apr 1875 aged 12yrs 5mths.

BARN? Christopher James Dibben died 1 Mar 1876 and buried St Pancras Cemetery, Finchley, London.

BOSEWELL George Henry who died 11 Jan 1880 son of George Edwin & Mary Ann aged 2days.

BURTON Mark died 4 Sep 1872 at Inverness, Skelton aged 2yrs 11mths.

CARPENTER Richard who died 22 Jan 1875 at Watermoor, Cirencester, Gloucestershire aged 87yrs.

CASS Hannah who died 14 Sep 1874 wife of Wesley aged 31yrs.

CLARK Mary died 19 May 1874 at Carlin How wife of Joseph aged 55yrs and buried at Brotton.

COATES Elizabeth Ann died 26 Nov 1874 daughter of Robert & Elizabeth aged 17mths.

DALE Minnie died 24 Aug 1874 at Marske daughter of John & Margaret aged 7wks.

DIBBEN? Christopher James BA RN? died 1 Mar 1876 and buried St Pancras Cemetery, Finchley, London.

DIXON Ann Elizabeth who died 22 Jul 1875 wife of James of Glaisdale aged 31yrs. Also of James their son who died in infancy. (Cards to be sent to a Mr Berryman).

DRIVER George died 16 Apr 1874 at Upleatham Mines caused by the firing of his shot aged 42yrs.

ECKLES Francis died 5 Dec 1874 aged 41yrs.

ELLIOT Susanna died 7 May 1874 aged 2¾ and buried at Brotton 10 May 1874.

FLOWER Hannah who died 19 May 1879 aged 68yrs.

FRANKS Thomas who died 6 Dec 1872 aged 5yrs 6mths.

GILBY George who died 19 Sep 1874 son of James & Mary Ann of Salt burn aged 2yrs 8mths.

GOLDSBRO Jane died 26 May 1874 wife of Thomas aged 50yrs after long suffering in Sedgefield Asylum [Co Durham].

HALL Emily who died 7 Jul 1873 aged 3yrs 4mths.

HALL Abram who died 11 Dec 1873 aged 7yrs 11mths.

HAMILTON John William who died 8 Mar 1874 of Marske & buried there.

HARDING Ann died 17 Oct 1875 wife of Jabez of Moorsholm aged 25yrs.

HARLAND John died 19 Apr 1869 of Saltburn aged 70yrs. Also Alice died 6 Jun 1869 his wife aged 74yrs. (Memorial cards for the above to be sent to 8 Church Street, Marske).

HARRISON John Hotham died 12 Mar 1874 aged 33yrs.

HOOD Rachel died 7 Oct 1875 of Costa Mill nr Pickering aged 74yrs.

HOPPER George died 12 Nov 1874 of Appleby aged 77yrs.

HORN Jane died 18 Nov 1874 at Marske wife of William aged 57yrs.

HORNSBY James died 3 Aug 1874 of Gainford died at Saltburn aged 75yrs. Funeral arrangements were that the body was to be taken by rail to Gainford where a service would be held at the parish church.

HOWARTH Elizabeth died 24 Mar 1875 at Brotton aged 60yrs.

HUTCHINSON Robert died 2 Dec 1873 aged 28yrs.

INGLEDEW Louisa who died 6 May 1880 at West Hartlepool in her 18th year.

JENNINGS Adelaide died 20 Mar 1874 aged 5mths.

LAKE Clara S who died 20 Jun 1874 aged 2yrs 11mths. (Order sent by G LAKE).

LONSDALE Leonard Robert who died 16 Jun 1874 son of George & Esther of Saltburn was buried at Bellerby aged 13mths.

MELLANBY John died 13 Jul 1875 aged 86yrs of Marske.

MELLANBY Alfred died 19 Jul 1875 aged 22yrs son of John & Ann of Marske, fireman, killed at Bankfoot, Crook.

MANTON Edward died 14 Jan 1875 aged 4yrs 9mths.

MARLBOROUGH Isabella died 31 Jan 1874 at Marske aged 15yrs.

PHILPOTT Susan died 25 Oct 1875 aged 69yrs.

POLLARD Isaac Edward died 1 Jul 1875 aged 9yrs.

PROUD Mary died 19 May 1879 aged 55yrs relict of the late Thomas of Millholme, Brotton.

PROUD Thomas died 19 May 1879 aged 55yrs.

RANSOM Meggie Beatrice died 26 Sep 1880 daughter of Thomas & Mary of North Skelton aged 5½yrs.

REAY Hannah died 4 Jan 1874 wife of Joseph of Lofthouse aged 38yrs.

RILEY Ellen Frances died 17 Aug 1874 aged 4yrs 8mths and buried 20 Aug at Burnley Cemetery [Lancashire].

ROBINSON John who died 17 Sep 1873 was injured at Hob Hill Mine on the 15th buried at Marske aged 18yrs.

ROBSON John who died 2 Jun 1873 of Howlsyke aged 75yrs.

ROSS  burnt to death 15 Dec 1874 daughter of George & Elizabeth at Tondu aged 5½yrs.

SEAL Ratford died 22 Feb 1879 aged 38yrs and buried at Brotton. (Memorial cards were to be sent to John Seal, Railway Tce, Brickyard, Brotton).

SHIP John died 8 May 1874 husband of Harriet aged 35yrs. [of Norwich]

SHIPLEY Mary died 5 May 1879 at Saltburn widow of William buried at Marske.

SIMMONS Walter Henry who died 17 Dec 1875 aged 13mths.

SMITH Thomas who died 29 Aug 1874 of Saltburn aged 68yrs.

SNAITH Annie died 21 Jun 1875 daughter of Thomas & Margaret Ann aged 14mths.

SNOWBALL Robert who died 10 Jul 1874 aged 23yrs & buried at St Margaret’s, Brotton.

SOTHERON Mary Hannah died 21 Mar 1874 daughter of Joseph & Margaret of Marske aged 1yr.

SPENCE William died 13 Aug 1874 son of Josiah & Elizabeth of Saltburn aged 1yr.

STEPHENSON Grace died 8 Feb 1875 of Marske aged 52yrs.

STONEHOUSE George P who died 26 Feb 1874 aged 31yrs and buried at Marske.

TAYLOR Nelly [Helen] buried 8 Dec 1873 at Middlesbrough Old Cemetery daughter of James & Marion aged 15yrs.

THURLING Peter who died 29 Jul 1874 of Carleton Forehoe [Norfolk]. (Cards to be delivered to Mr George? Middleton of Marske).

TROUSDALE Joseph who died 3 Apr 1874 aged 49yrs of Saltburn.

TUFFS Mary Ann died 4 Apr 1874 of New Marske aged 21yrs.

VASEY John of Saltburn killed 11 Nov 1875 at Thirsk by the Scotch Express aged 35yrs.

WEIGHELL Sarah Ann died 20 Jul 1875 daughter of John & Jane of Marske aged 2yrs. (Cards to be sent to John Weighell of Church Street).

WHITE Mary Ann died 24 Feb 1874 wife of James aged 34yrs.

WILSON Hannah died 14 Sep 1874 aged 78yrs wife of John & buried at Marske.

WISE Keith Bainbridge died 20 Mar 1875 son of Elizabeth & Solomon of Gilling West [North Yorkshire] aged 7mths.

WISE Solomon died 6 May 1875 aged 29yrs.

WREN Mary Jane died 30 Jul 1874 daughter of William & Jane of Marske aged 7mths.

WRIGHT James died 5 Aug 1875 son of James & Margaret of Marske aged 2yrs 5mths.