Hello fellow researchers come into our Parish Register E-Shop you are most welcome. Your ancestors have been here before you, we have records of their happy family times when they were baptised and married but sadly also of their burial and the loving words written on their gravestone.

Feel free to look around and see if you can find them, they may be hiding somewhere in our large stock of Parish Register Indexes and Monumental Inscriptions published by Cleveland FHS. All are available in three formats, Compact Disc, on A4 size paper or as PDF downloads. We also have a series of ‘Other Publications’ available on A4 size paper or as PDF downloads, all for prices that have hardly changed since your ancestors were last here.

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More burial files added for the following parishes:-BRANSDALE 1873-1992; BRIGNALL 1813-Jan 1900; DOWNHOLME 1736-1812 & 1813-1991; GOATHLAND 1733-1812; HAWNBY 1723-1812; KIRKBY in CLEVELAND 1813-1992

New marriage file added for:- HARTLEPOOL ST HILDA 1813-1837

New burial files have been added for the following parishes:-
BEDALE 1750-1812; BILSDALE ST HILDA 1750-1812; DANBY ST HILDA 1767-1812; EGTON ST HILDA 1762-1812; OSMOTHERLEY 1696-1788 & 1851-1931.

New baptism file added for the following parish:-  WELL ST MICHAEL 1705-1812.

Baptism, Marriages & Burials added for SEAMER ST MARTIN, also available on CD.

BEDALE BURIALS 1750-1812 is also available on CD.

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