Stockton schedule of deeds 1824

Stockton Schedule of Deeds 1824

‘A schedule of deeds, evidences and writings related to the title of a freehold messuage or burgage situate in Stockton in the county of Durham belonging to Mr Robert CASS and now in mortgage to Mr Robert DIXON for securing the sume of nine hundred pounds and interest’.


Name                         Forename                Town                         Occupation              Year

BRAITHWAITE         William                      Stockton                   grocer                        1824

BUCKTON                 John                           Lazenby                     gentleman                1824

BURSEY                     Ann                            Stockton                   widow                       1824

BURSEY                     William                      Stockton                   glover                        1807

BUSBY                        Henry                         Stockton                   gentleman                1807

CASS                           Robert                       Stockton                   draper                       1824

CASS                           William                      Acklam                      farmer                       1824

CHILTON                   William                      Billingham                 gentleman                1824

COMBER                   Thomas                     East Newton            esquire                      1764

CRAWFORD              Jane                            Stockton                   widow                       1764

DIXON                       Robert                       Newcastle                 maltster                    1824

DOBING                    Wilson                       Stockton                   gentleman                1817

DOUGLAS                 James                         Leeds                         beer manufacture  1824

DOUGLAS                 Mary                          Leeds                         wife of above          1824

EWBANK                   George                      Stockton                   gentleman                1783

EWBANK                   Thomas                     Stockton                   Reverend                  1807

FARMER                    Dorothy                    Stockton                   widow                       1817

FOXTON                    Thomas                     Stockton                   dyer                           1783

GARBUTT                  William                      Appleton Wiske            gentleman                1811

GEERS                        John                           Stockton                   cordwainer              1716

GIBSON                     George                      Stockton                   tailor                          1824

KIRTON                     William                      Durham                     esquire                      1807

NICHOLS                   James             London Warwick Square            printer                       1824

NICHOLS                   Frances         London Warwick Square            wife of above          1824

PEACOCK                  Elizabeth                   Billingham                 widow                       1824

RAISBECK                  Leonard                    Stockton                   gentleman                1824

REED                          John                           Yarm                          merchant                  1817

SLEIGH                       William                      Stockton                   esquire                      1807

SMART                      Robert                       Stockton                   draper                       1824

SQUIRE                      William                      Northallerton            merchant                  1783

THOMPSON             Francis                       Stockton                   merchant                  1824

THOMPSON             Ralph                         Norton                      gentleman                1824

WALKER                    John                           Billingham                 yeoman                     1716

WALKER                    George                      Stockton                   Reverend                  1731

WALKER                    Robert                       Sunderland              mercer                      1731

WALKER                    Deborah                    Stockton                   spinster                     1761

WARD                        William                      Durham City             surgeon                     1783

WARD                        John                           Newcastle                 tanner                       1783

WARD                        Ann                            Billingham                 spinster                     1764

WARD                        Thomas                     Stockton                   tanner                       1764

WARD                        Humphrey                Durham                     tanner                       1764

WARD                        Catherine                  Durham?                   Widow                       1768


Signed by Robt DIXON  witness Thomas DIXON 1824


[Contributed by member Beryl Turner]