North Yorkshire Collectors of Taxes 1788-89

Was Your Ancestor a Tax Collector?

The North Yorkshire Collectors of Land Tax & Freeholders’ Register Keepers 1788-89

By an Act of Parliament in the 28th year of the reign of King George III (1788), ‘for the better securing the rights of persons qualified to vote at County Elections, it is enacted that no person shall vote without having had his name enrolled in some register of freeholders within such county at least 12 calendar months before the day on which such person shall tender his vote. Every freeholder, therefore, having in any one county a freeholder estate of the clear yearly value of 40/- is to take note of the Act and to cause his name to be enrolled accordingly, and the Collector of the Land Tax for each parish or district to act as a Register Keeper, will be ready at his respective dwelling house on the 1st Monday in the month of May 1789, between the hours of 9 in the forenoon & of 3 in the afternoon, for the purpose for making enrolments’.

The constables of each area were requested to collect this information for the Register Keeper by distributing blank forms of enrolment which would then be entered in the registers. Any freeholder under the age of 18 was not permitted to be enrolled – and the constable was not compelled to enrol anyone ‘on a Sunday, Good Friday or Christmas Day, or on any day set aparte by Authority for general fasting or Thanksgiving’, and every such enrolment was to be free of charge!

The forms were then delivered for examination at the following Quarter Sessions and copied. The Register Keepers themselves were registered under their Wapentakes/Parish/ Township. All enrolments were to be checked each year at the beginning of May by the Justice of the Peace at the Quarter Sessions when new enrolments and alterations were needed – such as someone listed had died or had disposed of his freehold estate.

The Register Keepers were warned not to carry these registers any distance from their district except when delivering them to the Quarter Sessions, and were permitted to charge anyone wishing to examine the registers 1/-, and copies had a fee of 2d per copy, plus the rate of 1d for every 30 words. Sound familiar?!

[Wapentake – A medieval established division of a county/shire for local government administration. As a unit of government, it formally existed until late in the 19th century when district councils were set up.]


Wapentake/Township     Surname                  Forename       Surname                       Forename

Gilling East                                                                                       

Ainderby Steeple               BEARPARK                William         &       RAWLING               Jno

Barton                                ROBINSON               Peter             &       STELLING                George

Brompton                          TODD                       Jno                &       ROBSON                 Jno

Cleasby                              CHARGE                   William         &       STAINSBY               Jno

Cowton East                      THOMAS                  Joshua           &       FURNASS                Jno

Cowton North                    PAGE                        Lawrence      &       DAVISON                Richard

Cowton South                    TAYLOR                    Jno                &       ORMSTON             Robert

Croft                                  WEIGHEL                  Jno jnr          &       HOBSON                Jno jnr

Dalton on Tees                  WETHEREL               Marmaduke &       CARELUS                George

Danby Wiske                      WARD                       Edward         &       FENWICK                Thomas

Ellerton/Bolton/Whitwell  WOOD                      Richard         &       METCALF               James

Eryholme                           MAYNARD                Jno Lax         &       HALL                       Robert

Kiplin                                  BARKER                    William         &       BOWES                   George

Kirby Wiske                        CARTER                    Thomas         &       PICK                        Bryan

Langton Great                   HARKER                    William         &       BAMLET                 Joshua

Langton Little                    SAYER                       Thomas         &       LAW                       Thomas

Manfield                            WRIGHT                   Thomas         &       DONALD                 Alexander

Maunby                             BROWN                    Edward         &       GRIMSTON             Thomas

Morton on Swale               EDEN                        James           &       RAWLING               Andrew

Moulton                             SCURFIELD               William         &       JAMSON                 William

Middleton Tyas                 WESTMORLAND      Jno                &       WILSON                  Ralph

Newby Wiske                     MOORE                    Thomas         &       SMITH                    William jnr

Newton Morrel                 CHARGE                   Jno                &       ROBSON                 William

Scorton & Uckerby            WOODHOUSE          Henry            &       FRIER                      William

Smeaton                            KING                         Robert          &       COATES                  Thomas

Stapleton                           JOHNSON                 Christopher  &       WATSON                Leonard

Thrintoft                            SMURFITT                David            &       HENDERSON          Henry

Warlaby                             ATKINSON                Jno                &       EWBANK                Andrew

Yafforth                             HODGSON                Robert          &       MASTERMAN         Jno


Wapentake/Township     Surname                  Forename       Surname                       Forename

Gilling West                                                                                     

Aldbrough                          DAWSON                  George         &       DINSDALE               Robert

Arkengarthdale                 STODDART               John              &       WINSLEY                Jeffrey

Arkengarthdale                 STEADMAN              John                       

Aske                                   WALKER                   John              &       METCALFE             Willm

Barforth                             EALAND                    John              &       CORNFORTH          William

Barningham                       ATKINSON                Thomas         &       HARLAND               Thomas

Bowes                                JOHNSON                 Edward         &       HUNTER                 John

Brignall                              MIDDLETON             William         &       JACKSON                Joseph

Caldwell                             CARTER                    John              &       WHEATLEY             George

Cliffe                                  WRIGHT                   Francis          &       CLAPHAM              Thomas

Cotherstone                       CHAPMAN                Willm            &       BROWN                  Christopher

Easby                                 PLEWS                      Mark             &       TATE                       Thomas

Eppleby                              BELL                         Anthony        &       JOHNSON               John

Forcett                               PROCTER                  Joseph           &       GRAHAM                John

Gilling                                READHEAD               William         &       LAX                         Anthony

Hunderthwaite                  NICHOLSON             Mark             &       ROBSON                 Thomas

Hutton Magna                   SHAW                       Joseph           &       THOMPSON           Laurence

Kirby Hill                            LIGHTFOOT              William         &       HARRISON              John

Lastingham                        BAYLES                     John              &       BAINBRIDGE          Bartholomew

Layton                                ALLINSON                 Henry            &       WRAY                     Christopher

Marrick                              JONES                       David            &       BLENKIRON            John

Marske                              PROCTER                  Marmaduke &       HUTCHINSON         Michael

Melsonby                           BARKER                    Edward         &       BELL                       John

Mickleton                          LONGSTAFF              John              &       HUTCHINSON         Jno

Mickleton                          COLLINSON              William         &       RAINE                     James

Muker                                KEARTON                 Joseph           &       KEARTON               John

Newsham                           BATTY                       William         &       BOWRON               John

Ovington                            THOMPSON             Henry            &       LAMBERT               John

Ravensworth                      ALLAN                       John              &       FRYER                     John

Reeth                                 WILSON                    Thomas         &       METCALFE             Wharton

Rokeby                               WARD                       Richard         &       THOMPSON           Thomas

Scargill                               COATES                    Henry            &       TODD                     Joseph

Skeeby                               DENT                        Matthew       &       ANDERSON            Robert

Stanwick St John                RICHARDSON           John              &       INGLEDEW             Richard

Startforth                           KIRKBRIDE                Warcup         &       NEWTON                Thomas

Thorpe                               SMITH                      John              &       HODGHSON           William


Wapentake/Township     Surname                  Forename       Surname                       Forename

Hang East                                                                                         

Ainderby Myers                 WILKINSON              William         &       INGLEDEW             James

Appleton                            DOBBIN                    Christopher  &       AUTON                   Thomas

Askew                                STURGESS                 Thomas         &       WILSON                  Marmaduke

Bedale                               THOMPSON             Willm            &       HALL                       James

Brough                               HILL                          Joseph           &       TIDEMAN               Francis

Burrill                                MASON                    Charles         &       FOGGETHWAITE    Henry

Burton on Ure                   WILKINSON              William         &       ROUNDALL             Jonathan

Catterick                            CANNON                  John              &       KIRBY                     John

Crakehall                           LINSKELL                   Mark jnr       &       MOSES                   Joseph

Colburn                              WAISTELL                 Michael        &       DALE                      Adam

Ellingstring                        KENDALL                  George         &       LYE                         Manuel

Ellington                            JACKSON                  George         &       IMESON                 Robert

Fenby                                 EDEN                        Ralph            &       BARROW                Thomas

Hackforth                           OUTHWAITE             Richard         &       MITCHELL              John

Healey                               ASCOUGH                 John              &       METCALFE             John

Hipswell                             COCKFIELD               Philip            &       SLEDGE                  John

Hornby                               RAINFORTH              John              &       WATSON                John

Ilton                                   JACKSON                  Thomas         &       ATKINSON              Thomas

Kirby Fleetham                  RUDD                       Thomas         &       THORPE                 William

Masham                            HAW                         Peter             &       GRANGE                 Benjamin

Newton le Willows            FORSTER                  Christopher  &       WATSON                John

Patrick Brompton              COLLINSON              George         &       WADE                     Richard

Rookwith                            CLARKE                     Christopher  &       WILSON                  John

Scotton                               BRITTAIN                  Willm            &       SNOWDON             George

Scruton                              PLEWS                      John              &       ATKINSON              John

Snape                                 LAMB                       Thomas         &       HESLOP                  George

Swinton                              COLDBECK               Ralph            &       BARKER                  Mark

Thornton Watlass              WEBSTER                 George         &       HORNER                 Christopher

Tunstall                              HEBDON                   John              &       BARLEY                  Richard

Well                                   SAYER                       John              &       HAWXWELL            Thomas


Wapentake/Township     Surname                  Forename       Surname                       Forename

Hang West                                                                                       

Askrigg                               METCALFE                James           &       BAINES                   Oswand

Aysgarth                            TOMLINSON             John              &       HODGSON              John

Bainbridge                         METCALFE                John              &       METCALFE             Thomas

Bardon                               WATSON                  George         &       HARRISON              Edward

Bellerby                             BELL                         Thomas         &       FAWELL                  Henry

Bolton                                RICHARDSON           Jeremiah      &       MASON                  Roger

Caldbridge                         SLATER                     Thomas         &       HORNER                 William

Carlton & Highdale            TENANT                    Thomas         &       HORNER                 Thomas

Carlton & Highdale            LODGE                      James           &       MARLEY                 Joseph

Carperby                            RAW                         Robert          &       PARCIVELL             James

Constable Burton               THEAKSTON             George         &       JOBSON                  John

Coverham & Agglethorpe THOMPSON             Thomas         &       WRAY                     Thomas

Downholme                       MASON                    William         &       COATSWORTH       Joseph

Ellerton & Stainton            RICHARDSON           John              &       RIPLEY                    Richard

Finghall                              HAW                         John              &       JACQUES                William

Grinton                              HIRD                         John              &       PRATT                    John

Hawes                                HUNTER                   Simon           &       METCALFE             Chris jnr

Hauxwell                            MANGLES                 George         &       MILNER                  George

High & Low Abbotside       MASON                    James           &       SHERRINGTON       Umphrey

High & Low Abbotside       TIPLADY                    James                    

Hornby                               HARRISON                John              &       BULMER                 Thomas

Hudswell                            METCALFE                James           &       FRYER                     Roger

Hunton                               PLEWS                      George         &       LAZENBY                Ralph

Leyburn                              DODSWORTH           Christopher  &       RODHAM               John

Melmerby                          FALSHAW                 John              &       FISHWICK               William

Middleham                        LUMLEY                    Thomas         &       SMITH                    Francis

Preston                              BEARPARK                Matthew       &       RENALDSON           Matthew

Redmire                             LUNN                        Jonathan       &       NICHOLSON           Christopher

Spennithorne                     BOWES                     Marmaduke &       HUNTON                Emanuel

Thoralby                            ATKINSON                Stephen        &       DENT                      James

Thoralby                            DIXON                      Edward                  

Thornton Steward             THOMPSON             Robert          &       TRUFIT                   Henry

Thornton West                  CHAPMAN                Edward         &       TOMLINSON          James

Walder & Burton               ROBINSON               William         &       SPENCE                  John

Wensley                             BELL                         George         &       PEARSON               Peter

Witton East                        SLINGER                   Joseph           &       ASCOUGH              George

Witton East                        RAPER                      Henry            &       GRAHAM                Thomas

Witton West                      WILLSON                  John              &       FURBANK               Henry


Wapentake/Township     Surname                  Forename       Surname                       Forename

Langbaurgh East                                                                              

Aislaby                               ATKINSON                Isaac             &       ROBSON                 William

Barnby                               GALLILEE                  Thomas         &       SHIMMING             Paul

Borrowby                           NESS                         Roger            &       SANDERSON           Robert

Brotton                              BULMER                   William         &       BOWSER                Scarth

Commondale                     RICKABY                   Joseph           &       LAVERICK               Thomas

Danby                                DALE                         William         &       BUTTERWICK         William

Easington                           TEMPLE                    William         &       ROBINSON             William

Egton                                 RAW                         Matthew       &       RAW                       William

Ellerby                               READMAN                Thomas                 

Eston                                  JACKSON                  John              &       HART                      George

Glaisdale                            HARLAND                 William         &       PEARSON               John

Guisborough                      WILLACE                   Robert          &       LEE                         George

Hinderwell                         THOMPSON             Joseph           &       THOMPSON           Anthony

Hutton Lowcross               THOMAS                  David            &       THOMAS                Robert

Hutton Mulgrave              HALL                         John              &       RIDLEY                   Francis

Kilton                                 JACKSON                  John              &       CRYSTAL                 George

Kirkleatham                       SUGGET                    James           &       PINKNEY                 William

Liverton                             PETCH                      Thomas         &       ROGER                   Rubin

Loftus (Lofthouse)             BULMER                   George         &       ANDREW                Isaac

Lythe                                  WALKER                   Robert          &       GARBUT                 Paul

Marske                              BRACK                      Robert          &       MOURNAY             Stephen Mr

Mickleby                            CASS                         William         &       PARNABY               Michael

Moorsholme                      GILL                          Robert          &       HUTTON                 Isaac

Morton                              DIXON                      Richard                 

Newton Mulgrave             LISTER                      John              &       THOMPSON           George

Normanby                          METCALF                  Thomas         &       JACKSON                Ralph

Pinchinthorpe                    LEE                           James Mr              

Redcar                               BUSBY                      John              &       THOMPSON           Thomas

Roxby                                 DUCK                        John              &       BOOTH                   Robert

Skelton                               THOMPSON             Robert          &       APPLETON              Robert

Skinningrove                      STEPHENSON           William                 

Tocketts                             OUGHTRED              Richard         &       WEATHERILL          John

Ugthorpe                           HUTCHINSON           Robert          &       HILL                        Thomas

Upleatham                         PATTERSON              George         &       WATSON                James

Westerdale                        WILSON                    Jonathan       &       NICHOLSON           William

Wilton                                SCAITH                     John              &       DRYDEN                 Joseph


Wapentake/Township     Surname                  Forename       Surname                       Forename

Langbaurgh West                                                                            

Acklam                               CASS                         William         &       FALONS                  John

Appleton Wiske                 SMITH                      Benjamin      &       TATE                       Joseph

Ayton Great                       THOMPSON             Robert                   

Battersby                           MEDD                       Stephen        &       SKELTON                Robert

Broughton Great               LONGLANDS             William         &       FIDLER                    John

Busby                                 HEASLEY                   Robert          &       RODGERS               John

Carlton in Cleveland          HALL                         Thomas         &       METCALFE             Thomas

Castlelevington                  COATES                    John              &       FARROW                Thomas

Crathorne                          FOSTER                     Robert          &       MORRELL               William

Easby                                 NIGHTINGALE           James                    

Faceby                               WRIGHTSON            John              &       PEACOCK               George

Greenhow                          CLAYTON                  Joshua                   

Hemlington                        ROWLAND                Henry            &       THOMPSON           Breckon

Hilton                                 NIGHTINGALE           William         &       ROSE                      Francis

Hutton Rudby                    GARNET                    John              &       SCURR                    Thomas

Hutton Rudby                    THOMPSON             Thomas                 

Ingleby Arncliffe                HAMBLETON            James           &       POLLIT                    Richard

Ingleby Barwick                 WOOD                      George         &       JACKSON                Christopher

Ingleby Greenhow             BIGGINS                    Thomas         &       SHERWOOD           Eleazer

Kildale                                BROWN                    Andrew         &       BOVILL                   Thomas

Kirby in Cleveland             DOWSON                 Francis          &       LENG                      Leonard

Kirklevington                     SANDERSON             James           &       CARTER                  Robinson

Linthorpe                           ELCOAT                    John              &       WILSON                  William

Low Worsall                       WILSON                    John              &       STUBBS                  Thomas

Maltby                               WILSON                    John              &       WILSON                  William

Marton                              DALE                         William         &       HUNTER                 John

Middlesbrough                  APPLETON                James           &       PEARSON               Thomas

Middleton                          JOWSEY                    Richard                 

Newby                                WALLER                    Thomas         &       RICKABY                 James

Newton                              TERRY                       John              &       TERRY                    George

Nunthorpe                         PATTISON                 Michael        &       SWALWELL             William

Ormesby                            WEBSTER                 Thomas         &       LAVERICK               George

Picton                                 HARRISON                Robert                   

Potto                                  HEBBRON                 Henry            &       AYTON                   David

Rounton East                     INGLEDEW               Matthew       &       SANDERSON           John

Seamer                              CASS                         John              &       STOCKDALE            Christopher

Sexhow                              ARMSTRONG           John                       

Skutterskelfe                      PEACOCK                  Abraham               

Stainton                             WILSON                    Roger            &       LANGDALE             Simpson

Stokesley                            TWEDDLE                 John              &       APPLETON              Richard

Thornaby                           PAGE                        Thomas         &       HUTTON                 Robert

Whorlton/Swainby             KITCHING                 Robert jnr     &       BOVILL                   H

Yarm                                  NEWSAM                  Robert          &       BINKS                     Henry


Wapentake/Township     Surname                  Forename       Surname                       Forename

Whitby Strand                                                                                 

Broxa                                 PICKERING                William                 

Eskdaleside                        SLEIGHTHOLM         Ralph            &       FRANKLAND           Ralph

Fylingdales                         BURTON                   William         &       WELBURN              John

Hackness                            LIGHTFOOT              John                       

Harwood Dale                   TATE                         George                  

Hawsker/Stainsacre          HARRISON                William         &       ESHDALE                Ingram

Newham cum Dunsley      CORNER                   Matthew       &       NORMAN               John

Ruswarp                             WALKER                   Henry            &       CHAPMAN              Adam

Sneaton                              ELLERINGTON          William         &       BURN                     George

Suffield & Everley              SEDMAN                   Thomas         &       TRANMER              William

Sylpho                                COCKERILL               Henry                    

Ugglebarnby                      NESFIELD                  John              &       BUTTERY                Thomas

Whitby                               RIGG                         John              &       BOULTON              John