Whitby Grammar School names 1912-1966

ABBS Ellen 1928-1929 School Captain VI form prize: 2nd Class Hons Eng Language & Lit Reading Uni 1933
AKEROYD Michael 1958 pupil wins Open Tournament International Chess Congress at Hastings
AKEROYD Michael 1959-1960 School Captain  
ARMITAGE J 1960- staff member Miss
ARMSTRONG E 1933 pupil girls netball
ARMSTRONG Kathleen D 1943-1950 pupil BA: Deputy Children’s Officer NRY 1960s: sister Marjorie
ARMSTRONG Marjorie 1936-1942 pupil now Mrs Gilbert teaching in Toronto 1960s: sister Kathleen
ATKINSON E M 1934-1940 French Miss: now Mrs Overnell lived Oxenden Wood Rd Chelsfield Kent 1960s
BALL M 1947-1954 Handicraft master Mr
BARKER Malcolm 1948-1949 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
BARKER Elizabeth M 1952-1957 pupil B.A.: married name Frost:living Heaton Chapel nr Stockport 1960s
BARKER D H   ex pupil committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1960
BARNES B 1933 pupil boys football
BARRY Doris 1944-1945 School Captain  
BATEMAN C A 1919-1920 Headmistress Miss: B. A.
BEAL N 1958- Geography Mr
BEDLINGTON Robin W 1931-1937 pupil NRGS cross-country runner with brother James: 1960s living in Bradford
BEDLINGTON James 1933-1939 pupil NRGS cross-country runner with brother James: Robin: living Robin Hood’s Bay 1960s
BEEFORTH H 1928 pupil III Form prize
BENSON George N 1915-1920 pupil F.C.A.:committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1946: Chair of Governors 1949
BILLINGHAM Robert 1918-1920 School Captain  
BIRTLES Dorothy 1921-1923 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine
BLACK Winifred 1928 pupil Higher School Certificate
BLACK Florence 1928 pupil  
BLENKEY G L 1928 pupil School Certificate & prize for French
BLOOMER A G   ex pupil committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1960
BLYTHMAN   1933 pupil boys football
BOOTHROYD C Geoffrey 1928-1933 pupil  
BOSTOCK   1960-1961 English Miss
BOTHAM Betty 1928 pupil III Form prize
BOYD W 1917-1919 Headmistress Miss: M. A.
BOYES Terry 1944- pupil  
BRADLEY W A 1912-1934 Headmaster: taught Chemistry Dr: Staff-Lieut (intelligence) B E F to 1919: married 1920 Miss M Jones (staff)
BRADLEY W A 1920-1923 Headmistress Mrs: married 1920
BRECKON Kathleen 1928 pupil School Certificate
BRETT Charles G 1914-1918 pupil killed on active service
BREWSTER S 1944-1945 French Miss
BRIGGS Nadine 1953-1954 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine
BROADBENT M 1935-1941 Latin Mr: joins RAF: 1960s Assistant County Educ Officer for Kent
BROCK M 1932- French assistant
BROOKE Ronald 1955-1956 School Captain  
BRUCE Vera 1912-1924 Domestic Sc Miss: committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1917
BRUCE   1960s Governor of School daughter of late Mrs Bruce who donated observatory
BUGBIRD Tony 1920s ex pupil Capt of ‘Saltersgate’ in W Hartlepool WWII: later Ministry of Transport in Norway
BULL K   ex pupil committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1946
BULLAMORE C 1960- staff member Mr
BURGESS W 1928-1929 Maths Mr
BURNHAM N 1941-1946 junior form mistress Mrs: returns to housewifery duties
BURNHAM C E A 1934- Maths senior Mr: Youth Hostelling trips
BUSFIELD   1920-21 Sci & Maths Mr
BYWATER D K 1956-1959 English Miss: teaching at Ackworth School 1960s
CALVERT George W 1914-1918 Maths sole man on staff WWI: chair Old Scholars’ Assoc 1917
CALVERT Geo David 1961-1962 School Captain  
CAMPLIN Sylvia 1950-1951 School Captain  
CARTER R 1948-1950 staff member Miss
CARTRIDGE Donald 1955-1956 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
CHADWICK F 1915-1917 staff member Miss
CHAMBERLAIN   1916-1918 French Miss
CHAMBERS William 1914-1918 pupil killed on active service
CHARNOCK E 1912-1916 French Miss
CLAMP T 1959-1961 Science junior Mr
CLARK Elsie 1947-1954 pupil played hockey for Durham 1st XI
CLARKE   1950-1951 staff member Mrs
CLARKSON Mary 1932 pupil girls tennis
CLEMENT I M 1924-1927 staff member Miss
CLEMMIT Jack 1940s pupil friend of James Ward
CLEVERLY Cyril S 1914-1917 pupil OBE AMIMech Eng: retired general manager Isle of Grain Oil Refinery 1960s
COATES Malcolm 1948-1949 School Captain  
CODLING J 1928-1933 pupil girls hockey & tennis
COLLIER Vincent 1914-1918 pupil killed on active service
COLLINSON Rachel 1928-1933 pupil  
COOK   1932- pupil son of Charles: 1st child of an old scholar to be admitted to school
COOM M 1948-1949 French Miss
COOTES L 1939-1942 Music Miss
COPE K E 1941- Art Mrs
COPE Patricia 1949-1950 School Captain  
CORBETT Wilfred 1920s pupil committee of school magazine
CORNFORTH Derek H 1945-1952 pupil PhD: civil engineer n Canada in 1960s
COX F James 1931-1938 pupil School Captain 1937-38: Bsc Chief Engineer Wire Mill Div B I C C, Warrington 1960s
CROSS E 1942-1946 Music & French Miss
CUNLIFFE M E 1951- Domestic Sc Miss
DALE R 1927-1934 Domestic Sc Miss
DAVIDSON J S 1912-1917 English:Headmistress Miss: M.A: acting head during most of the war: married Rutherford: deceased 1930s
DAVIES W 1912-1916 staff member Mr
DAVIS E 1928 pupil school prize
DAVIS H J 1934-1966 Headmaster  
DAVIS J 1951-1953 Latin Miss
DAVIS John G 1927-1932 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine. 2nd Class Hons Queen’s Coll Cambridge: CB OBE MA RAF was AOC Ist bomber Command: Air Vice-Marshall: NATO Allied Forces Mediterranean 1960s
DAWSON B 1946- staff member Mr
DEAN J C 1928 pupil School Certificate
DEAN   1940s pupil prefect
DEAN William T 1937-1945 pupil school captain 1944-45: editor of Viking – school magazine:PhD FGS: 1960s principal officer Palaeontology Nat History Museum Kensington London
DENNY Eva 1928 pupil prize for needlework
DICKMAN   1933 pupil boys cricket
DICKINSON A 1925-1928 Maths Mr: senior teacher
DIXON J 1928 pupil  
DIXON K 1928 pupil  
DOUGHTY Nancy 1960-1961 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
DOUGLAS R 1933 pupil  
DOUGLAS T 1940s pupil married teacher Miss S Evans
DOUTHETT Margaret 1912-1935 Art Miss:taught also at Malton, Pickering schools
DRYDEN Isabel 1926-1931 pupil school prefect: Matriculation
DUCK Marjorie 1926-1933 pupil  
DUCK Annie 1928-1933 pupil  
DUELL Gladys 1943-1944 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
DUGGLEBY Sarah G W 1926-1933 pupil school prefect: Matriculation
DUNN   1933 pupil boys cricket
DUTTON Frank Wm 1948-1950 Geography Mr: emigrated to Canada teaching Alberni Vancouver Island 1960s
EARLE John W P 1947-1955 pupil School Captain 1954-55: BA FIA: Hons Maths Nottingham Uni: 1962 Final in Institute of Actuaries
ELLIS   1923-1924 Maths Mr: resigns
EMMOTT J W 1920s ex pupil passed final as Chemist & Druggist of Pharmacutical Soc of GB 1932-33
EVANS S 1946-1950 Latin Miss: married old scholar Mr T Douglas
EVES Winsone G 1933-1934 School Captain  
EVES May G 1928 pupil prize for domestic science
EVES T W 1927 pupil  
EVES Mollie 1920s ex pupil married Arthur E F Parkes 1933 Whitby
EXLEY Anthony B 1945-1947 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine: does BBC broadcast
EXLEY Dorothy 1933 pupil  
FALKINGBRIDGE   1933 pupil boys cricket
FATHERLEY J J 1924-1932 pupil IV Form prize & prizes for Latin & Maths: school prefect: Higher School Cert 1932
FATHERLEY G G 1933 pupil  
FARMER Wilfred H 1910s pupil committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1917
FENWICK B 1927-1931 pupil II Form prize: Matriculation
FILBURN B 1946- staff member Mr
FILBURN W G Bruce 1935-1936 School Captain  
FILES J R 1934-1942 Chemistry Mr: mountaineer: senior Science master Lancaster Royal Grammar School 1960s
FLETCHER E 1926-1933 pupil boys cricket
FLETCHER Jennifer 1954-1956 pupil married Coulbourne: living New Haven Connecticut USA in 1960s
FORD Margaret 1946-1947 School Captain  
FORTH Mary T 1917-1922 pupil secretary at Pocklington school
FORTH Sarah T 1919-1928 pupil Higher School Cert: later wife of Mr Bagot head of County School, Pocklington
FOSTER Mary I 1922 -1932 School captain 1929-32:state scholarship awarded St Hugh’s Coll Oxford
FOSTER John L 1921-1924 School Captain  
FOSTER Mary 1929-1932 School Captain  
FOTHERGILL   1945- English Mrs
FOY   1940- French Miss
FRANK G A S 1936-1943 pupil overseas salesman for David Brown tractors Huddersfield 1960s
FRANK Peter 1945-1950 pupil 1960s Taking degree in Russian at Leeds: married pupil Mary McClurg
FRANKLAND W L 1933 pupil  
FRANKLAND Arthur R 1936-1937 School Captain  
GALE Harold 1920s ex pupil married Miss Ormston Whitby 1933
GALLEWAY William H 1942-1949 pupil BCom ACA: chartered accountant in Hull 1960s
GAMBLE N   pupil secretary Old Scholars’ Assoc 1946
GAMBLE R 1933 pupil girls netball
GARDINER Alan 1933-1938 pupil married pupil Iris Lawson: living Somerset 1960s
GARDNER L 1940- English Miss
GARRICK   1933 pupil boys cross-country
GEDDES Jessie 1915-1937 English & French Miss: Scots: married Mr J Bradley: living St Fillans, Perthshire 1960s
GIBB Stanley 1912- pupil  
GILLINGS William A 1914-1918 pupil killed on active service
GOLDING E 1942-1945 Geography Miss
GORDON I 1940-1941 Gym Miss
GRACE   1950-1951 staff member Miss
GRAINGER F L 1933-1945 History headmaster of Dagenham County High School 1960s
GRAVES Frank C 1941-1946 pupil FRCIS Quantity Surveyor Solihull Birmingham
GRAY V Seaton 1931-1949 clerk to Governors does BBC broadcast 1947: dies
GREEN Harry L 1949-1950 School Captain  
GRIER Sylvia 1928-1933 pupil  
GRIER Pamela J 1960s Games Captain  
HALLMARK M 1946-1947 Domestic Sc Miss
HARKNESS Eric 1940s pupil  
HARLAND Arthur E 1919-1927 pupil 1928 Credit in Eng  Lit, hstory & French: 1960s headmaster Elmete Hall School for Deaf at Leeds
HARRISON Maisie 1944- pupil  
HARRISON M 1920-1923 Headmistress Mrs: M. A.: two brothers attended school
HARRISON D 1960- staff member Mr
HARTLEY C 1927-1933 boy pupil School Certificate 1932
HEADLAM John 1914-1918 pupil killed on active service
HEMINGWAY J E 1920-1925 pupil PhD on Whitby Jet at Leeds Uni: FGH: former governer of school: Prof Dept of Geology University of Durham 1960s
HEWISON Dorothy 1925-1931 pupil school prefect: school certificate
HILL   1933 pupil boys cricket
HILTON J 1933-1934 Maths Mr
HOBSON H 1928 pupil Matriculation
HODGSON Doris 1928-1933 pupil  
HODGSON Hilda 1928 pupil V Form prize
HODGSON Mildred 1928 pupil prize for drawing
HODGSON Albert 1944- pupil  
HODGSON Clive 1952 pupil Capt NRY School Soccer XI
HODGSON Alan 1930s pupil  
HODGSON K W D 1929-1931 Games Mr
HODGSON Alan 1940-1941 School Captain killed in flying accident in the war
HOGARTH Robert Henry 1940s pupil  
HOGGARTH Ethel 1933 ex pupil wife of Edward Turner died in childbirth 6 May
HOLDER E 1927-1931 French Miss
HOLDSWORTH   1959-1960 Maths Miss
HOWARD   1933 pupil boys cross-country
HUDSON D 1933 pupil girls netball
HUDSON George 1933 ex pupil passed final of Pharmacutical Soc of GB: FSMC: is being awarded Freedom of London City
HUDSON J 1926-1928 Latin Mr
HUDSON Kathleen M 1929-1937 pupil school captain 1936-1937: married Prof E H Stahl Oriel Coll: historical author lived in Cotswolds 1960s: brother Melvill
HUDSON Melvill 1930s pupil sister Kathleen
HUGHES S 1917-1919 Maths Mr
HUNTER J Richard 1923-1928 ex pupil local master builder:erects pavilion 1962
HUTCHINSON Robert 1947-1948 School Captain  
INGHAM P 1956- Biology Mr
JACKSON Marian 1927-1928 School Captain danced for Princess Mary at Mulgrave Castle
JACKSON P P 1954-1960 Games Wenmington Hall School 1960s
JAMES K 1957-1960 Latin Mr: now married to Miss J Turner
JAMESON K   pupil chair Old Scholars’ Assoc 1946
JAMESON Colin S 1958-1959 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine: treasure Old Scholars’ Assoc 1960
JEFFERSON Lily   pupil now Mrs Jones: living Ajax Ontario 1960s
JEPHCOTT Winifred 1942-1943 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
JOHNSON P 1952- Gym Miss
JOHNSON Raynor 1922 pupil 1st class Natural Science Balliol Coll Oxford
JONES Donald R 1945-1947 pupil advisor in electronic computers in Europe: based in Nottingham 1960s
JONES Mabel 1920- English Miss: aged 26 married Dr W A Bradley
JONES H 1943-1946 Domestic Sc Miss
JONES R 1956-1960 staff member Miss: 1960s Child Care Officer in Hull
JONES C Kenneth 1935-1937 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
JUDGE Nesta 1928 pupil gains hockey colours for Carnarvonshire
KELLY I 1951-1954 staff member Miss
KIDSON Edith 1928 pupil Matriculation
KIDSON Hilda 1928 pupil  
KING C 1939- Handicraft master Mr: joins RAF: returns to school
KIPLING J 1933 pupil  
KIPLING Frederick W 1947-1954 pupil mining engineer in Chingola N Rhodesia 1960s
KIPLING William 1940s pupil friend of James Ward
LAMBERT-SMITH J Hugh 1912-1917 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine 1917: optician Skinner St Whitby 1960s
LANG J 1924- staff member deputises for Miss A O Speirs
LANGLANDS M 1933 pupil girls netball
LAVERACK   1933 pupil boys cricket
LAWS Maurice 1943-1944 School Captain  
LAWSON Iris 1934-1940 pupil married pupil Alan Gardiner living Wells Somerset 1960s
LAWTON J 1958-1960 Geography Mr: goes to Moshi Tanganyika teaching
LEACH Graham 1931-1938 pupil designed sports pavilion 1962: surveyor Whitby Rural District Council
LEADLEY Mavis 1950-1958 pupil Occupational Therapist in Cheshire 1960s
LEARY Una 1920-1921 School Captain  
LEEFE John A 1938-1945 pupil BA: ass manager Royal Insurance Co & living Illovo in Johannesburg S Africa 1960s
LEEFE K 1940s pupil prefect treasurer Old Scholars’ Assoc 1954
LEGGOTT Bessie 1935-1936 School Captain  
LENG Norah 1926-1932 pupil girls tennis:School Certificate
LEX Norah 1933 pupil  
LILLYWHITE P 1931-1941 French senior Miss: 1960s Girls’ Grammar School Hull
LONGSTER Brenda 1946-1948 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
LONSDALE T Arthur 1931-1936 pupil staff Intelligence Branch Board Customs & Excise London: 1962 Diploma in International Affairs at Uni of London 4yrs extra mural studies
LORAINS Bob 1920s ex pupil married Miss May Clydesdale 1933 Newcastle
LUMSDEN C 1955- staff member Miss
LYNAS J P 1928 pupil  
LYTH David H 1951-1958 pupil BSc: post grad year Wadham Coll Oxford 1961: research for PhD London Uni Coll 1962
LYTH Michael 1956-1957 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine
MACKRIDGE Ruth 1918-1920 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine: chair Old Scholars’ Assoc 1960
MACKRIDGE Helen 1912- pupil  
MACKRIDGE Tom 1912- pupil committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1917
MAIDEN   1933 pupil boys cross-country
MALLINSON John 1933 pupil boys cricket
MANKIN Jim 1933 pupil  
MARSAY Marian H 1926-1927 School Captain Higher School Certificate 1928
MARSAY W 1928 pupil Matriculation: passed final Instit of Chartered Accountants 1933: with Wesley Chapman, Pearson & Co Ch Accountants Whitby
MARSDEN D 1919-1923 staff member Miss
MARSHALL E 1933 pupil girls netball
MARSHALL Richard 1950s pupil Scottish
MARTIN Hannah 1928 pupil  
MARWOOD Mara 1956-1957 School Captain  
MASON Bessie 1912- pupil  
MCCLURG Mary 1947-1954 pupil 1960s Child Care Officer in Leeds:married pupil Peter Frank
MCGRAW Shirley 1961-1962 School Captain  
MCNEIL Herbert 1928 pupil scores first century in County school cricket match
MCNEIL J Lionel 1941-1942 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine 1940
MCNEIL Reginald 1930-1937 pupil Inspector for Physical Education in Kenya 1960s
MCNEIL Ivor 1928-1933 pupil  
MCNEIL Sylvia 1937-1939 School Captain  
MCNEIL John 1944-1951 pupil ARIBA: on staff of Robt Matthew & Johnson-Marshall planning Dunfermline College of PE: living Edinburgh 3 in 1960s
MCNEIL Grace 1940-1948 pupil known as Gay: 1947-48 School Captain: Records Dept ICI Billingham: first editor for CFHS 1980s
MEDD B 1928 pupil prize for geography
MENNELL Roland 1951-1952 School Captain  
METCALFE W 1919-1938 Handicraft master Mr
MILBURN W W 1932-1943 Chair of Governors died
MILLER George M 1916-1917 School Captain 1st editor of Viking – school magazine: High School Umtali S Rhodesia 1933
MILLER Robert H 1912-1914 pupil severley injured on scout duty during naval bombardment: 40yrs in banking Barclays Whitby: resident Ruswarp 1960s
MILLS B M 1952- Headmistress Miss: B. A.
MILNER Katherine 1924-1926 School Captain state scholarship won for Hugh’s Oxford
MILNER Maureen 1945-1946 School Captain  
MILNER O 1933 pupil girls hockey
MORLEY O 1945-1953 French Miss: goes to France 1948-49: married Martin Hoggarth at Grosmont: 1960s teacher at Scarborough Girls’ High School
MORTON A 1931-1934 Games & Maths Mr: marries Miss M Brook: headmaster Whitcliffe Mount Grammar School Cleckheaton 1960s
MULLEN R 1961- Science junior Mr
MYERS Margaret 1933 pupil  
NEWTON K E 1954- Gym – boys Mr
NOBLE Peter 1930s pupil boys cricket:friend of Kathleen Hudson
NUTMAN Tom   pupil used school train for 5yrs from Glaisdale
NUTTER D 1956-1958 staff member Miss
OLIVER R 1928-1933 pupil boys football
PADDY Donald H 1935-1943 pupil BSc FGS: soil research for RAF 1960s
PALFRAMAN Alice 1927-1933 pupil  
PALFRAMAN E 1923-1924 staff member Miss: married Geo Miller, former head boy
PALFRAMAN C C Alan   ex pupil donation of cedar wood for pavilion 1962
PALFRAMAN Alan B 1925-1933 pupil County Councillor: Urban District Councillor: School Governor
PALFRAMAN Joseph B 1915-1922 pupil from Northallerton:School Captain 1920-21:Bsc: HM Inspector of Schools, Surrey: 1960s living Milford, Godalming
PALMER W 1946-1948 staff member Miss: later Mrs Estill
PAYNE G 1941-1944 French Miss: married
PEARSON   1912-1917 pupil Mrs Louie Colthorpe living Old Rectory Frating nr Colchester in 1960s
PEARSON G C 1933 ex pupil passed Board of Trade Exam for 1st mate
PEARSON V 1933 pupil girls hockey
PEARY Una 1920-1921 pupil school captain
PEDDES J W 1933 pupil  
PEIRSON Gladys 1927-1932 pupil II Form prize: school certificate
PEIRSON C 1933 pupil girls netball
PEIRSON G 1933 pupil girls tennis
PENNOCK Joan 1939-1947 pupil headmistress of Brompton County Primary School: spent 1yr in USA as exchange 1960s
PENTY Dorothy M 1927-1933 pupil  
PERKINS J C 1953-1959 pupil Ass Inspector Northern Rhodesia Police 1960s
PERKINS Mary 1934-1935 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
PERRY G 1928-1935 Latin Mr
PHILPOT C B 1928 pupil School Certificate
PICKERING H 1928 pupil Credit in Eng Lit, Pure Maths, Physics & Chem
PICKERING John N 1946-1954 pupil School Captain 1953-54: BSc: sales engineer Sharples Process Engs Ltd just returned from Poland 1962
PINDER Thomas 1913-1919 pupil committee of school magazine: teaching in Nottingham 1960s
PINKNEY Anne 1947-1952 pupil married pupil Chas Storm: living in Edinburgh 1960s
PINKNEY Laurence S 1953-1960 pupil secretary Old Scholars’ Assoc 1962:residing Whitby: studying furniture Newcastle Coll of Art & Industrial Design 1960s
PINNING A B 1928 pupil  
PORTER J 1947-1952 Gym Miss
POULTER Dorothy 1939-1940 School Captain  
PRATT J M Keith 1945-1953 pupil School Captain 1952-3: BSc: lecturer in Electric engineering & electronics Blackburn Tech College 1960s
PRESTON Clarence 1921-1962 Geography Physics & Maths Mr: Evening Institute organiser : runs the Bruce observatory: died 1965 Whitby
PRESTON John D 1947-1955 pupil GMIMechE: 1960s engineer on motor yacht ‘Pamara’ in Aegean
PRINCE W 1912-1913 staff member Mr
PUCKERING Gwendoline Mary 1932 ex pupil to nurse at Kirbymoorside: died post appendix op 30 June
RAW Juliet 1958-1959 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine
READMAN George   pupil used school train for 5yrs from Glaisdale
READMAN H 1933 pupil  
REDFORD L K 1936-1948 Maths & Geography Mr: joins RAF 1940: Education officer Gurensey Channel Island 1960s
RICHARDSON J Alan 1920s ex pupil married Miss Mildred Shackleton Scarborough 1933
RICHARDSON Muriel 1920s ex pupil married Harold E Baker Whitby 1933
RICHARDSON V E 1935-1941 Art Miss
RICHARDSON Mabel 1912-1918 School Captain attended Royal Academy of Music: married G H Nuttall: has dau 1932-33
RICHARDSON Heather 1957-1958 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine
RIPLEY   1918-1942 Caretaker died after operation
RIPPON Laura Beedle 1912-1918 pupil former headmistress Adela Shaw Orth Hospital School Kirbymoorside: lived Whitby 1960s: died 1972
RIPPON R G 1928 pupil  
ROBERTSON Mollie 1940-1941 School Captain  
ROBINSON Joyce 1928-1933 pupil  
ROBSON   1933 pupil boys cross-country
RODGERS Herbert O 1930-1932 School Captain 1928 prize for Science: editor of Viking – school magazine
RODGERS Charles C 1933-1934 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine
ROOK Jean K 1943-1945 pupil women’s editor of Yorkshire Post 1960s
ROPER Lena 1923-1924 School Captain  
ROSS Alexander 1951-1957 pupil P & O Orient representative in Paris 1960s
ROSS Louise L 1924-1952 Headmistress: English Miss: M. A.: succeeded Mrs Bradley: living Handsworth, Birmingham 1960s
ROULSTONE Dorothy 1930-1933 pupil School captain 1932-33: committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1946: married Eric Sample
ROULSTONE E S 1928 pupil  
RUDDLE P 1933 pupil girls netball
RUDSDALE John 1923-1925 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
RUSSELL Hildred 1928-1933 pupil  
SAMPLE Eric 1924-1933 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine 1933:Customs & Excise officer: married Dorothy Roulstone:living Derby 1960s
SAMPLE Mamie 1930s pupil friend of Kathleen Hudson
SANDERSON Margaret J 1946-1953 pupil married Mr Cox: played for Birmingham Uni Leicestershire & Midlands Hockey XI: lived Leicester 1960s
SAWDON Doreen 1928-1933 pupil  
SAWDON Kathleen 1928-1932 pupil  
SAWDON Mavis 1941-1943 School Captain  
SCALES Alan 1928-1932 pupil 1932-33 School Captain: Higher School certificate
SCALES Olive 1920s ex pupil Mrs W J Burrows has a son 1932-33
SCATCHARD Elizabeth 1943-1944 School Captain  
SCHOFIELD E 1933 pupil girls netball
SCHOFIELD Kathleen 1928 pupil school prize: prize for games
SCHOFIELD J B 1941-1947 Gym Miss: editor of Viking – school magazine 1942
SCOTT John W 1939-1946 pupil Myaree Applecross Australia in 1960s
SCOTT Peter 1949-1950 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
SEARLE S 1947-1950 Domestic Sc Miss
SELLERS Barry W 1948-1955 pupil PhD: mining engineer in Ontario Canda 1960s
SELLWOOD E L 1922-1927 French Mr
SENIOR Edith M 1927-1933 pupil  
SEWELL William G   pupil initiated Old Scholars’ Association 1917: worked in China
SHACKLETON John 1957-1958 School Captain  
SHIMMON E L 1942- Chemistry Mr
SHIPLEY Elizabeth 1924-1929 History Miss: married J M Footitt: living Newcastle 1960s
SHIPLEY Harry H 1960-1961 School Captain  
SHIPLEY E B 1945- History Mr
SIDEBOTHAM E 1933 pupil girls netball
SKELTON Irene M 1928 pupil School Certificate
SMITH H B 1928-1933 pupil boys football
SMITH M 1934-1941 Domestic Sc Miss
SMITH Audrey 1952-1953 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine 1951-1953
SMITHSON Margaret 1928 pupil Higher School Certificate
SMITHSON Ronald 1920-1928 pupil installs plumbing in pavilion 1962: local master plumber & electrician
SOUDEN J 1928 pupil prize for English
SOULSBY John 1945-1953 pupil MA lecturer in Geography Trinity Coll Dublin 1960s
SPIEGELHALTER   1912-1917 pupil committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1917
SPEIRS Anna O 1913-1939 Gym French & English dancing Miss: Scots: illness in 1924: retired
SPICER D 1961- English Miss
STAMP Yvette 1955-1956 School Captain  
STANFIELD   1936- Sc & Maths junior Miss
STANGOE Kathleen 1959-1960 School Captain  
STAPLETON J 1960- staff member Mr
STEPHENS   1953-1957 Latin Mrs
STEPHENSON T 1918-1922 French Miss
STEPHENSON J C 1928 pupil Higher School Certificate
STEPHENSON M 1954-1956 staff member Miss: taught choir
STEPHENSON J 1960- staff member Mr
STEVENSON John C 1925-1928 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine
STOCKWELL J 1928-1933 pupil boys cricket
STOKES Stanley P 1913-1933 History Mr: joins army 1915, returns 1919: resigned due to ill health
STORM Charles 1944-1951 pupil ARIBA:member of Scottish Special housing Committee: married pupil Ann Pinkney: living Edinburgh 1960s
STORM Edward 1914-1918 pupil killed on active service
STORM Eleanor 1929-1933 pupil  
STORRAR Norman 1912-1916 School Captain killed in action 1917
STORRAR Douglas S 1917-1918 School Captain committee for magazine & Old Scholars’ Assoc 1917
STUART Kathleen 1949-1956 pupil married pupil D Malcolm Walker
SUCH C 1928 pupil  
SUGDEN John C 1961-1962 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
TAYLOR Doris 1937-1939 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
TAYLOR Jennifer 1961-1962 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
TERRY E 1920-1926 Latin Miss: married: sister in law to Mrs Harrison
THEAKER Margaret 1951-1952 School Captain  
THEAKER Lavinia 1956-1957 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
THOMPSON Anthony C 1947-1951 pupil BSc: instructorship in Pure Maths at Yale Sep 1962
THOMPSON David 1943-1950 pupil PhD: Senior Scientific Officer National Inst for Research in Nuclear Science Abingdon Berks in 1960s
THOMPSON Eileen M 1948-1949 School Captain  
THOMPSON Christine 1954-1955 School Captain editor of Viking – school magazine
THOMPSON Fred W G 1922-1928 pupil living Mt Maunganui Tauranga New Zealand 1960s
THOMPSON Jessie 1932 pupil  
THOMPSON Tony   pupil used school train for 5yrs from Glaisdale
THOMSON Colin 1948-1955 pupil PhD: Uni California Los Angeles research on Electron Spin Resonance 1960s
THWAITES Percy 1920s pupil committee of school magazine
TIFFIN John 1940s pupil  
TONES A R 1928 pupil Matriculation
TONES I 1933 pupil girls netball
TONES Robert M 1933 pupil  
TOWNSEND Beryl 1957 pupil discus thrower
TUNNICLIFFE   1940s pupil prefect
TURNER Edward L 1913-1920  pupil married ex pupil Ethel Hoggarth: MBE:  Entertainments manager Weston Super Mare 1960s
TURNER R 1929-1931 English Miss
TURNER J 1955-1960 French married Mr K James
TURNER J 1960- staff member Miss
TURNER Joyce 1950-1951 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
THWAITES Percy 1920s pupil  
USHER Francis 1940s pupil prefect
VERRILL Joseph 1914-1918 pupil killed on active service
WALKER D Malcolm 1949-1955 pupil PhD: married pupil Kathleen Stuart: 2yr Fellowship in Organic Chem National Research Council Ottawa Canada 1960s
WALKER Gordon 1920s ex pupil married: has son 1932-33
WALKER Peter N 1947-1952 pupil from Glaisdale: NRY Constabulary 1960s: in BBC broadcast North Countryman
WALKER T B 1946-1950 Maths succeeds Mr W Davies: 1960s headmaster Needham’s Sec Modern School Ely
WALKER Francis 1924-1925 School Captain  
WALLHEAD Joan 1934-1935 School Captain  
WALLER J   ex pupil committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1960
WALLER R L 1930-1933 pupil  
WALLER W L 1928 pupil prize for woodwork
WALMSLEY N 1953-1955 French Miss
WARD James J 1944-1951 pupil 1950-1951 School Captain: BSc: senior Chemistry master Thirsk Grammar & Modern school 1960s
WARNE E 1918-1919 staff member Miss
WARREN Eileen M 1928 pupil School Certificate
WATERS F   ex pupil committee Old Scholars’ Assoc 1946
WATSON C N 1928 pupil Matriculation
WATSON George L 1926-1930 pupil scholarship won: 1st Class Hons Maths Tropis Trinity Cambridge
WELFORD R D 1919-1921 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
WESTLEY M 1939-1940 Gym Miss
WHALLEY Virginia 1959-1960 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
WHITE Maureen 1960-1961 School Captain  
WILKINSON Edith 1927-1932 pupil School Certificate
WILKINSON G W 1929-1933 Maths senior Mr: retired headmaster Abbeydale Grammar School: living Whitby 1960s
WILKINS   1933 pupil boys cricket
WILLIAMS M 1937-1939 Music Miss
WILLIS Reabie 1912- pupil  
WILLIS Arthur C 1910s pupil secretary for school magazine staff
WILMAN   1950-1951 Domestic Sc Mrs
WILSON John 1938-1945 pupil MSc: research engineer Nichol Mines Ontario Canada 1960s
WILSON E 1934-1937 Music Mr
WINK Herbert 1939-1940 pupil editor of Viking – school magazine
WOOLLEY Anne 1928 pupil prize for gymnastics
WOOLLEY Lucy 1928 pupil prize for gymnastics
WOOD William A 1919-1923 Maths becomes headmaster at Yarm
WOOD Eileen M 1928 pupil Disctinction in English
WOODWARK George A 1932-1940 pupil 1934-35 School Captain
WOODWARK Arthur 1932-1940 pupil 1938-39 School Captain: Bsc: Tech Director Hindustan Lever: living at Ballard Estate Bombay 1960’s
WOODWARK William 1942-1943 School Captain  
WRIGHT Florence 1920s ex pupil passed final state exam as nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital London
WRIGHT M 1931-1934 English & Music Miss: leaves to be married
YATES John J 1912-1918 staff member